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Family Guy Review: "Jerome is the New Black"

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On this week's episode of Family Guy, "Jerome is the New Black," the writers tried to push the envelope and see just how offensives they could be with black jokes.

When the guys decided to fill the void left be Cleveland in their entourage, they decided to fill him with Jerome, a walking stereotype that apparently once dated Lois.

Jerome on Family Guy

The episode managed to use KKK jokes and even had Stewie accuse Jerome of robbing them.  Meanwhile, Brian had a pathetic storyline in which he desperately tried to get Quagmire to like him, only to get emotionally destroyed.

So overall, it was a fairly weak episode that was a little too heavy on the racism... even for Family Guy.  That said, here's some of our favorite Family Guy quotes from the half hour!

Peter: I know you're interested in being the fourth guy in our entourage, Kevin Connolly, but aren't you a little small?
Quagmire: I'll tell you what you can be in our group if I can have some of your cereal.
Kevin Connolly: Oh no, they're after me Kevin Connoly charms. | permalink
Jerome: I got time for whatever I want, fool. My watch dont't tell time, I tell it. | permalink
Lois: You're being silly, Jerome and I dated over twelve inches go. | permalink
Jerome: There is I must fess to, when we were living together I had myself lots of nasty ass sex with Meg.
Peter: I don't care about that. | permalink

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