First Promo: "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

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Below is the first Gossip Girl promo for next week's episode, curiously titled "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?" If you hadn't guessed, it's threesome time.

We've talked at length and posted a theory, through various clues and the process of elimination, of who's going to be involved in the Gossip Girl threesome.

The promo here doesn't give away much, or offer anything we don't know, but it does make us excited for the episode. See what you think and comment ...

[video url="" title="Promo: They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"] [/video]

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I think the two experience are:
1. Nate sleeps with jenny, for jenny its a new experience (in 0:06 you see jenny opens the shirt from nate)
2. and the second experience is the 3 some, with Vanessa (because i think the green dress it's her) and two other but not Blair and chuck....


Nate-Serena-Tripp = Gross because Nate and Tripp are related. That's like all kinds of incest 3 times over. I think we'll be surprised with Serena. The writers have something in store. She's trying to make a life style change. She tried it with getting a job with KC which turned out to be all wrong not cause of the job but because of the boss. KC was a huge bitch, but I think she'll make a meaningful change working with Tripp. Not because I think she'll sleep with him, but because I think she won't. I think she'll learn that she has a terrible track record with boys and just stop and focus on a more meaningful job in political publicity.


I think the whole slot machine theme of the promo was REALLY clever and cool(:


Everything on NATE!!
look at his shirt .. when blair comes at the beginning... then someone is taking of the shirt.. i mean the shirt that nate wore.... I kinda hope its jenny but..WE'lL See.. OMG i am soooo excited


J, N, and C. D, V and .. S, B, and politician.


yeah I'm pretty much sure its D-O-V!!


ok from what I remember from reading on this site, it is 2 girls and one guy, jenny, chuck, blair, eric, lily, or rufus are not in it. So that leaves Nate, Serena, Vanessa, Dan, Olivia, and Tripp. I think it is Dan/Olivia/Vanessa, but i want a Serenate hookup!


thanks queensophie!


There is a pair of hands unbuttoning Nates shirt! :p
i bet its jenny(eww)
and tripp is with serena oh my! dumb dumb


im pretty sure that the dan vanessa and olivia are the treesome, because the dress is green and vanessa is wearing green besides they look so drunk

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