Gossip Girl Caption Contest 79

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fans everywhere, to the 79th week of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our Friday tradition and one of our favorite features.

This week's winner: Dark Princess. Congratulations!

The winning entry appears below the picture. So many to choose from this week! Honorable mentions go out to aida, Bassinine and saarele.

Thanks for playing and best of luck again next week!

A Sad Nate

Dejection: The new classic scent for men, from Nate Archibald.

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Blame it on the AL-aaa-al-cohol baby!


Or for the shortened version, he could just say: Nate (thinking): Guess these man bangs just don't have their charm anymore....


Nate: Hey gorgeous, you looking at me? (thinking) C'mon man bangs, work! WORK!
Girl 1 (whisper): Is that Nate?
Girl 2 (whisper): He's alone; let's go over there!
Girl 3 (whisper): No, he's single. No fun anymore...
*girls leave*
Nate (thinking): *sighs* More than one girl flirting with me at once -- those were the days... Guess these man bangs just don't have their charm anymore...


Nate:Why did I convince serena to get that breast reduction...


Bartender- Dude it's getting late were going to have to ask you to leave Nate- But I'm Nate Archibald Bartender- sorry that only works for Chuck Bass GG- Listen up UES Spotted N at the bar and (shock) trying to use the chuck bass slogan. Sorry N that only works for one guy, and he happens to be not u. Can I present lonely boy #3


Gossip Girl here, and do I have some scandeling news. N sitting in a bar brooding after S went and tripped over trip. Poor N we still think your hot and I also happen to know hes on the market..
Shopping time Girls.


I brought my man bangs back and everything.. still no ladies


Dark Princess Says:
November 30th, 2009 7:45 AM Oops, typo! Dejection - the new classic scent for men, from Nate Archibald. LMFAO. nice ^^


okay, FUCK YOU TWILIGHT PEOPLE. these twilight comments are NOT FUNNY. this is a GOSSIP GIRL FORUM. not some twilight shit! and i bet you ANYTHING, that most of you only found out about twilight because of the movies. not during 2005-2007. you're just following the crowd, so GET OUTTA HERE.


Nate: Brooding stare - perfected. Now, let's see if the "I'm Chuck Bass" line will work on blondie over there...

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