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Lady Gaga performs on Gossip Girl tonight. Maybe you heard.

What role does she play in Blair's efforts to rule NYU, and in Dan's efforts not to lose both his best friend and his girlfriend in the aftermath of their threesome?

Will Serena and Tripp hook up? What about Nate? We'll find out the answers to these questions and a whole lot more tonight in "The Last Days of Disco Stick."

Blair and Lady Gaga!

What do you think and hope will happen on Gossip Girl tonight?

We've seen more than half a dozen previews and promos, browsed through lots of photos and read spoilers galore. All that's left is to watch and discuss!

As always, the Insider is your place to chat about "The Last Days of Disco Stick." Leave comments and interact with fans in our

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Blair, the bitchy manipulator. Pretty boring until she showed up with that little scheme. Chuck was wallpaper, but I kind of liked to see him help Jenny. I'm sure it was because of Lily and nothing else (or so I hope). Serena is so annoying these days but at least, she brings some drama. And I have no idea where the line was any blurred, the guy is still married after all. I doubt he'll file for a divorce. Nate has a role again. I've been waiting for this since the day that Texan bimbo left. She was annoying, my God. I don't like Nate with Serena but it's nice to see him back in the action. Dan. Never liked him, and this episode wasn't good on him. I liked Olivia, but the constant slips in character really annoyed me. I'm glad she's over. Vaness is boring, as usual. Jenny is so going to land her face on the ground. I'm going to laugh my arse off, hard. Never liked her, but it's amazing how stupid that character is. Yet annoying how much she accomplishes though. Lily and her husband are pretty much over. There's nothing there, besides Serena's father I think. From the spoilers there might something else, but not important.


Blair is really queen.... I love her ... and I think she proved it...


@Guardian Izz you read out my mind there!
have been wanting to say it out but just too lazy to type it down


gossip girl and lady gaga. my two most fav things


Lady Gaga is Jenny Humphrey's real mother!


I hate dthis episode people!!!
I mean this is like watching Nair in 2x20 all over again, chuck and Blair walking in the park and a PECK on the LIPS.... and he just walks away without even an appreciative glance at her form!!! HE ALWAYS DID THAT BEFORE!!!
I mean you guys are sooooo falling for the trick the writers are pulling on you! You start to focus on other Amateur second-granted characters instead on focusing and forsing the writers to write THE REAL Chuck and Blair!!! I mean this is not how their relationhip would be after all that happened in season 2!!! They are making Blair a looser and Chuck some moral zombie who descriminates her!!! YEs, they may be the same - and opposites may attract... but it is what people have in common that makes a connection and brings them together and forms a bond! And I think you are fogetting the MAIN reason for Chair's Epicness and how perfect they are for each pther!
THEY ARE OPPOSITES!!! Have you forgotten season 1, and even seaosn 2??? I mean Blair is the epitome of prim and proper, she is OLD money and people have high expectations of her... sh eis supposed to follow traditions and please everyone!!! Remain cold!
Chuck is NEW money, nobody has any expectations of him and though like Blair he uses manipulation to get what he wants they have different goals. Blair wants to make people love her... chuck doesn't give a damn - until he lets her in!
Chuck is a womanizer and a troubble maker, he is voulgar and does drugs and is on the wrong side of the law... even now that he is "changed" he still makes deals and buys people off, while Blair was always followign the law... she was only breaking the rules!!! So in conclusion: YES, opposites attract and since Chuck and Blair are opposites in society standards they have spark, tension, fire, passion... and nobody can imagine those 2 together... yet at the same time when they do happen - it is so obvious, they are of the same Nature, which is why they always understand each other and make a great team, working together deviding the conquiring territory in between them ... Blair gets to manipulate thte society and fix everything in a proper way getting chuck accepted into the light, while chuck makes the scheme behind her manipulation and makes sure she doesnät get her hands dirty!!! So yes they are opposites, so nobody expected Chair and it was a scandal! Yet, they are the same, and it is SO OBVIOUS that they were meant to be... that people cannot help to admire them and wonder at their own cluelessness!


And you know, WHY, tav? Because the fans are already in the forums, commenting away. THAT is some sweet feedback. :D


tav, you couldn't have said it better. Truly. I cannot WAIT for the Roundtable and Reality Index. Bring um! :)


OMG THIS EPISODE TRIPPEDBALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT WAS SO GOODDDDD ANYBODY SAYS ANYTHING BAD ABOUT IT IS SO WRONG IT WAS AWESOMME !!!!!!!!! omg i soooooooo happy gg is back to where it belonged!!!!!!!!!!


yay!!! i just saw gossip girl tonite.. IT WUZ AWESOME and YAY!!! NO SERENATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!MY DAY JUST GOT A LOT BETTER. AS ALWAYS DERENA 4 LIFE, AND STRIPP FOR A COUPLE OF WEEKS!!!!!AND NERENA FOR-NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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