Gossip Girl Guys Loving Elizabeth and James Line

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When Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched their mens collection for Elizabeth and James, it was only a matter of time before Hollywood guys caught on.

Sure enough, Elizabeth and James for Men has been popping up all over Gossip Girl, including on Dan Humphrey in the now-infamous threesome scene.

Maybe it was the clothes that turned O and V on ...

Dan's Sweater

Penn Badgley wore the Elizabeth and James Easy V Cashmere Sweater on the show, as you can see above, but it wasn't the first appearance for the line.

Dan wore two Elizabeth and James designs a week before the threesome, and last month Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) sported an Elizabeth and James suit.

Looks like a brand Gossip Girl hunks can depend on!

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I actually appreciate info on the guys' style. Strangely, the show has helped me become more fashionable, and has helped update my wardrobe to some more modern looks.


There's a line on this episode about Dan's blouse.
One of the geeks says to Dan at the party: "Nice V-neck"!!!
I thought it was weird when I heard it, but now it makes sense :D:D:D




BIG NEWS BIG NEWS!!!! BIG NEWS BIG NEWS!!!! BIG NEWS BIG NEWS!!!! Blake Lively, our show & Leighton's song - Good girls go bad, are all nominated to People's Choice Awards!


IT IS RANDOM! they dont analize evry single piece of clothes! i remember seeing just one post like that, but abour the whole outfitt, not just one thing from one brand! YOU WERE PAID!


dont really see how anything to do with GG on this site could be a random post.. but ok. for anyone else interested in E&J (elizabeth n james, not eric n jenny) on the show, Jennys cuff at the cotillion rehearsal is from them as well http://www1.bloomingdales.com/...


Lol What suit was that! I wanna know what Suit was the one that Chuck Bass wore! This is a pretty random post!


he is so hot. way more hot than anyone else on the show.


This post is so random. lol Were you guys paid to do this?

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