Gossip Girl Spoilers: Paying Respects

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E! Online has a little scoop on what's to come with Bart Bass' mysterious return to Gossip Girl in its Q&A today. Check out their new teaser and comment below ...

Q: Anything good coming up on Gossip Girl?

A: Chuck is going to visit Bart's grave on the anniversary of his death, and when he gets there, he won't be the only one paying his respects.

Any guesses on who'll pop up? Word is not one but two family members could be making surprising returns ... the only question is, who?

Grieving Chuck

Chuck and Nate in Season 2's "O Brother, Where Bart Thou?"

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The woman at Bart's grave is definately Chuck's mom. Her cheekbones are fantastic, just like his and her locket held an old picture of Bart which would make sense supposing that she "got out of his life" when Chuck was just a youngling.




omfg, chuck totally looks like edward cullen on a breakdown in this picture. lol




I totally think its jack!!And i heard bart is coming back as ghost!


its about time the story line got spiced up..its been dyin off for too long now.


lol sigga
amen to you. Even though chuck is with Blair he can still be... a little like chuck? What is up with that old, wise guy who looks like chuck - and sometimes acts like chuck - but is most of the time, just too.. wise and.. has an UGLY HAIRCUT? LMAO :DD


I'm probably going to SCREAM or kill someone if chuck is jacks son !
I mean.. just ... just... EW !
imagine your dad sleeping with your girlfriend.. I mean... just.. NO. No. No. NO!
I hope his mom is not alive though... I like Lily as his "mom"... it has so much... story behind it ? xD
And I hope Bart isn't coming back like a ghost that only chuck can see... it just doesnt make sense .. xD I WANT - no I NEED - MORE CHAIR SCENES !
really, what happened to those two ?
Even though chuck is with Blair he cans still be... a little like chuck? What is up with that old, wise guy who looks like chuck - and sometimes acts like chuck - but is most of the time, just to.. wise and.. has a ugly haircut?
I WANT CHUCK BASS back... even though i want him to be with Blair, I want more drama.
I don't really care about Serena and Nate nor Serena and Trip,
well, yes... I just... for some reason think that Nate should still be in love with blair XD - he seemed to get over her pretty fast - I dont think that he and Serena would ever make the best couple, I mean, its gonna be so hard for the to out stand Chair (like thats ever gonna happen)... that they will get to tired of being together anyway... ^^
So they'll break up.. again, and get together again... and break up a little more.. and maybe get together for one night.. then "oh oh" Serena decides to find some other random dude.
i mean, really Serena, first its Dan, then its Aaron (or what ever his name was), then Dan again?Gabriel and Dan again *and a 'not real' relationship with Nate somewhere in the middle* and then Dan again, Carter, that actor dude, and then Tripp and now maybe Nate?
I mean slut-alert ;s
She seems to get over those guys just in a second, and is ready for the next one ._.
I'm getting really tired of writing, so im gonna look for more spoilers XD


Maybe Chucks mom ran off with Jack and Bart said she was dead because she was dead to Bart. but Jack could be Chucks dad and Bart never showed Chuck that he was proud of him because he expected C to be like J.


that doesn't mean that Chuck doesn't have a "dead" parent who might not be so dead after all!
"There's a huge storyline later this season that is going to blow you away," promises my source. "And it involves Chuck, Jack Bass and Chuck's mother." Maybe Chuck's mother never die , she run away and Bart said that she died just for don't hurt Chuck (?) Ok is an option LOL.
Or Chuck is Jack's son! :O

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