Gossip Girl to Take Six-Week Winter Hiatus

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Fans certainly aren't going to like this breaking piece of CW scheduling news, but Gossip Girl is poised to take a six-week hiatus beginning January 18.

The reason: The premiere of Life UneXpected on the network. The new show will be airing its first season (only six episodes) in Gossip Girl's time slot.

Of course, while six weeks without our show always stinks, it is worth noting that this does not in any way shorten Season 3. When Gossip Girl returns in March, it will run 11 (or 12) consecutive Mondays until the season finale.

By our calculations, and according to our sources, this leaves four more episodes before the hiatus the show is taking from January 18 until March:

  • Next week's "The Last Days of Disco Stick" (3.10)
  • An as-yet untitled episode November 30 (3.11)
  • "The Debarted," January 4 (3.12)
  • "Jenny, Full of Grace," January 11 (3.13)

Note that this is all subject to change and not 100 percent confirmed. The episode air dates, that is. The hiatus has definitely been confirmed.

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i think its bujjshit they do this and i think the life unexpected sounds likr a shit show y put in police ten7s slot now i have to watch seasons 1 2 3 again stop going on threse stupid breaks if u start a season finish it off cunts


Why would you put a show that people already love and are committed to on hiatus in order to pitch a new show? The premise of Life Unexpected looks like it sucks anyway. Very bitter.


I think I'm ready to cry ):


I will not watch Life UneXpected bc of this!!! I cant go 6 weeks without gossip girl!!! guess ill have to bust out seasons 1 and 2 and watch them again :(


This is good why? The Olympics. While I am a proud Canadian and I am glad my country was chosen as host and I will be cheering on the Canadian team. The winter olympics bug me because they interupt my prime time television. I will have one show that the games won't preempt or interupt. Silver lining.


What! No.... why not use other show and time slot.


Hoping that it gets cancelled as fast as TBL so Gossipgirl can come back :P


I HATED last year's breaks - 5 weeks or so and then a crappy episode or two and then another long break. They f*ed up Chuck and Blair in btw the breaks, which made it all the harder. During the first long hiatus I rewatched all the previous episodes. I think it was long enough that I only had to watch one a night (but of course could never restrict myself to that...)
I was looking forward to Life UneXpected, but this scheduling does not make me happy at all. Why not stick it where The Beautiful Life was or something???


Next week's "The Last Days of Disco Stick" (3.10)
An as-yet untitled episode November 30 (3.11)
"The Debarted," January 4 (3.12)
"Jenny, Full of Grace," January 11 (3.13) Okay this is what I was wondering about. So we will hopefully get episodes 10-13 before the big break in Jan/February. Does anyone know when in March it starts up again? Last year (actually early 2009) the break lasted until March 30th or so, which was a pain.


I think I just died a little inside......this SUCKS.


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