Heroes Review: "Brother's Keeper"

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We actually liked this week's episode, but it's almost comical how the show refuses to kill off Mohinder. He's a character that lost his way seasons ago, that has no fan base and no direction.

Nevertheless, Heroes keeps him around, even when it's not necessary. Didn't Samuel simply tell Hiro to retrieve the movie this week and he'd pass along Charlie's whereabouts? Why did Hiro need to hide Mohinder in that case? Samuel has admitted that killing Mohinder was a mistake. Wouldn't he actually be happy that Hiro changed the past?

From Brother's Keeper

That complaint aside, there was a lot to like about "Brother's Keeper." For example...

... Nathan knows he's Sylar. We're sad Adrian Pasdar is leaving the show, but there was only so long this storyline and these multiple Sylars could go on. Should make for a dramatic farewell now when Nathan exits.

... Samuel's past was explained. The more Robert Knepper, the better. This guy kills every scene he's in (no pun intended!) and it was interesting to see how Joseph actually tried to shelter his brother from his abilities. Causes us to wonder: will we learn the circumstances behind Joseph's death and/or why Samuel is now trying to pay tribute to his memory?

... Tracy got into a bathtub in her underwear. That was neat.

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I also think the reason Hiro couldn't just leave Mohinder alive is because Mohinder would have tried to go and stop Samuel, and that would have screwed up the timeline.


@JMulready13 No he wouldn't peter right now only has the ability to take one power at a time so when he touched nyler he picked that ability because that is the only abilitty that he can use to keep up with him.


i still think sylars isn't in nathan yet, i mean, where did he go? nathan is still nathan! so were did the real sylar go... he isn't anywhere, not even as an illusion... idk what if he's now somewhere else, matt's baby maybe? who knows... but this ep was amazing, finally we saw the old characters together, just like old times, the good times... hope they don't screw it next epi.


JMulready13 - peter can only absorb one ability at once now, just so yeah know. which means he can't heal hiro anymore cause he switched it for the fly ability ;_;. Oh well can't wait to see what happens next, I have a feeling that a lot of Nathans feelings will be left over in Sylar and he may even have nathan as a conscious. Probably doubtful that we've seen the last of him. Coolest and most irritating thing about this show is that PEOPLE NEVER DIE. they always come back, in a flashback or.... by some freaking revival ability!! Take the Mohinder thing, srsly, should've kept him dead (damned hiro being heroic !! >:( ). The only one dead for sure in this show is Hank..


Considering the huge leap in quality of this season, and how strong Mohinder's character in season 1 was, and the fact that he's only been back for one episode... give it a chance.


Overall good episode...Tracy in the tub in her underwear....excellent.....Claire in short shorts....excellent...The fact that the showdown between Sylar and Peter is imminent is huge....Question is...when Peter touched Nathan/Sylar on the cliffs, wouldn't he absorb all of Sylar's abilities and not just the ability to fly? I'm Curious to know just how it works now...Cuz by my counts Peter should be equally powerful now.. And Robert Knepper..excellent....Your Guys/Girls thoughts?


I think there might actually be a REASON Hiro trapped Mohinder in the padded room. Something tells me that Hiro might have his own agenda here that we'll see soon, and this leads me to believe that we may actually be seeing more *gasp* character development in Hiro...


I agree i did as well. "We actually liked this week's episode"

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