Heroes Review: "Thanksgiving"

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A pair of Thanksgiving meals ended with intriguing road trips this week on Heroes, while Samuel's dark secret was finally uncovered.

Read through our recap of "Thanksgiving" now and then chime in on our observations from the episode below...

  • We had a feeling Samuel actually killed Joseph, but the reveal was done very nicely this week. The show has done an outstanding job building up Robert Knepper's character, as the best villains are ones the audience can relate to and ones whose motives aren't 100% evil.
  • We were also excited to see tough, serious Hiro return at the end of the episode. Cutesy references to "Butterfly Man" and "Naked Lady" get old pretty quick...
  • ... but we were then equally disturbed to hear Hiro utter the words "Beam me up, Scotty" as he disappeared. If he thinks he's 10 years old again, we're done with this show.
A Cutter
  • HRG and Lauren? Nice chemistry. (And hot date, dude! Well done!)
  • Heroes has never been known for its quotes, but come on. No quality show can ever feature the following exchange between characters: "Stop treating me like I'm a child." "Then stop acting like one!"
  • Did anyone else giggle during the Nathan vs. Sylar internal fight? That storyline had major potential, as Nathan could have slowly discovered he was Sylar and maybe even been turned on by his new powers. But it fell off its tracks as soon as Parkman got involved and is now just fodder for unintentional comedy.
  • That said, get out there, Peter! Any potential for a Sylar vs. Peter showdown is exciting.

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This isn't a review, this is like the notes you take for a review you're going to write later... Just saying.


Good, unbiased review that looked at the good and the bad of the episode with a positive mind set. Nice job. And I mostly agree, only I disagree about the memorable quote issue. Seasons 1 and 2 had some great ones. But yeah, we haven't had too many lately X.x And you're being a little hard on Hiro's character. It would be inconsistent to have him suddenly become serious and brooding constantly. Let him develop naturally. As season 3 taught us, rushed character development is not good character development.


Nice review, but I would like to add that we possibly saw that Edgar isn't going to be a bad guy, just an emotional guy that now knows how evil Samuel really is...I liked the intense thanksgiving dinner at Peter's place. Looks like Parkman's work hasn't all completely unraveled nor should it. I do agree with you that they should have stretched this out longer and let Nathan play with some new powers and then maybe have something trigger the Sylar within towards the end of the season, but maybe they have different plans that will end up being fulfilling

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