Heroes Round Table: Plot Holes Galore!

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As our review of "Brother's Keeper" outlined, we didn't hate this week's episode of Heroes. That's a big step for a critical TV Fanatic panel of critics!

But we wouldn't be doing our jobs if we didn't point out that the episode was still overflowing with plot holes and nonsensical character developments.

We focus on those in this edition of the Round Table and, as always, we encourage reader feedback...

Why did Tracy lose control of her abilities?
M.L. House: This really made no sense. She claimed it was due to "panic attacks." But she was held in by Danko last year, she's been faced with far more stressful situation than just... sitting around. The only answer to this question is: because the script called for it.

Dr. Shepherd: So the show could break its budget by making Claire freeze and crack.

The Barnacle: Who cares? Did you see Ali Larter in that bathtub?!?

Heroes RT

Why on earth would Nathan's body still be around?
M.L. House: This made even less sense! For someone that's organized many cover-ups, why would Angela not dispose of Nathan's body as soon as possible?!? Once again, the only answer to this question is: because the script called for it.

Dr. Shepherd: I have no idea.

The Barnacle: To move the plot along. D'uh! The writers likely thought of this storyline two days ago. Give them a break!

If Sylar is back inside his body now, why does Nathan still act and think like Nathan?
M.L. House: I'll give someone $10 if he/she can explain what actually took place in Parkman's hospital room. Ready... go!

Dr. Shepherd: I have no idea.

The Barnacle: Stop! You're making my head hurt. Can't we all just mourn Nathan's death next week... even though, you know, he already died last season.

Heroes can most improve by...
M.L. House: ... eliminating time travel! It makes everything too convoluted.

Dr. Shepherd: ... showing more nudity.

The Barnacle: ... teaming up the characters together, as we previously outlined!

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"Nathan's consciousness is NOT still inside Sylar's body..." Yes it is. Nowhere have they indicated that it isn't. "It can't be both ways." Why not?

Matt richenthal

Nathan's consciousness is NOT still inside Sylar's body... that was the entire point of him realizing that he was Sylar. It can't be both ways.


You've seen most episode of S4 that Tracy is having issues with her powers, I mean if i spent days locked in a room with heat and i killed 2 people by freezing and over reacting you would have some kind of mental issues not to mention been shot while frozen. that been said Sylar/Nathan dint really touched Matt in the hospital bed or that illusion of Sylar or whatever it was. Because it was interrupted by the security guard i am sure if they would had full impact Sylar would rise right away but since it was just a a fast touch is going to take time before he take full control of his body. About Nathan body i don't mind so much that his body was still around I just wish Peter and Nathan/Sylar would had a bigger reaction.


The Nathan's body thing is certainly a little odd.... But the rest of those things are just things you guys are too narrow minded to get. And NONE of these are plot holes.


You lot seem to be incapable of understanding very basic ideas that the show is portraying even though some very simple analysis would give you the answers. Now wonder you think the show sucks right now... you seem to be incapable of following it! "Why did Tracy lose control of her abilities?" They've shown her having issues with her powers throughout the seasons, and how how powers react to her emotions. They haven't been functioning properly since she got shot in the last season. "If Sylar is back inside his body now, why does Nathan still act and think like Nathan?" Because Nathan's conciousness is still inside Sylar's body. How is that hard to understand? I'll take that $10 now. Have you been *watching* the same episodes as the rest of us? Stop acting like fanboys and actually pay attention to the show for a change.


Tracy was not in level 5. That would be the company. She was just held in a heat torture room. Anywayz Tracys problem is a Mental thing and she is not herself. Her story progressed by joining Samuels Carnival. The Bathtub scene was just excellent. I have hated TIME TRAVEL from Day 1 and its nice to see you finally jump on that band wagon. This episode was great espacially with our heroes together again in various scenes.


The body they burned at the end of last season was of the shape shifter that Sylar killed to get the shape shifting power. But the shape shifter had taken on "Sylar's body" when he died, and they burned him to make everyone else think Sylar was dead.


Tracy tried to go back to her life, and now she realizes she doesn't feel right in it. Going from living the high life with a fancy car, to not knowing what to do with yourself has dramatic effects on your psyche. As for Nathan's body. Well I thought they burned it last season so who knows about that one. I think it was silly writing on their part, but whatever it worked with the episode. As for no Sylar showing up in Nathan yet. Well it took a bit for him to show up in Matt's mind, and his mind was fine. Nathan's mind is all messed up because of Matt's work on it. You can't expect Sylar to just pop up right away. That would be too easy and also it would say that the mind control thing was ineffective in the first place. I think Sylar needs to (and will eventually)break through a "barrier"!

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