House Presents: A Day in the Life of Wilson

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On February 8, House will dedicate an entire hour to the life of Lisa Cuddy.

Prior to that, though, it will do the same for the best sidekick on television, Dr. James Wilson.

Earlier this year, previewing Monday's episode ("Wilson"), executive producer Katie Jacobs told E! News:

"We have this upcoming episode where House is to Wilson as Wilson is usually to House. Like he'll be in the middle of something and House will drop by, or he'll go see House in the middle of a differential diagnosis meeting, and we'll never even know what they were working on. I'm excited about it."

So are we. Check out photos from the installment below:

Cuddy Chat
Listen, House...

As always, we'll recap and review the episode after it ends, adding new House quotes to TV Fanatic.

For now, check out the opening three minutes from "Wilson" below...

[video url="" title="All About Wilson"][/video]

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