How to Get Blake Lively's Fresh-Faced Look

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What's the best complement to the season's super-bold lash look? Decidedly pretty, sweet rosy lips, as seen on Blake Lively at a benefit hosted by Chanel.

Makeup artist Angela Levin, who created the look, tells Us Weekly she wanted something to match the stunning simplicity of the star’s diamond brooch.

She thus opted for dark, sexy eyes, but the rest of her face light and fresh.

To get the look, Angela said she lined the Gossip Girl actress' upper and lower lashes with shimmering black liner and stroked on three coats of mascara.

She then created the perfect pink shade for lips by blending two shades - first, a nude shade, followed by a slightly darker one to get the perfect pink hue.

The result? A gorgeous Blake Lively ....

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So I guess I wasn't the only one who looked at this picture and thought this isn't normal. She normally looks gorgeous but this ... :S


If this is what you call fresh-faced look, I'd rather go bare face.


i don't really like this make up job, but i think she's usually gorgeous


She is stunning ,but looks like a doll here ,no life on the face


lol Her expression looks a little weird here like her smile is forced or something. But she still look stunning.


I think the makeup probably looked good but just not in this picture.


I usually love her look but here... she kinda look link a wax doll!


thanks for this post!!! she's so pretty and i've always wondered how she does her make up!! : )


I totally agree with you kaya, she's got kind of a wierd, unnatural smile on this one


I usually like Blakes look but I don't know... in this pic...she looks kind of weird

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