Is This How Nathan Dies?

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Granted, this headline is a bit misguided because Nathan Petrelli died at the conclusion of season three.

But blame NBC for the misleading storyline, as it hyped a "major Heroes death" for weeks, only to reveal that the victim in question has been technically dead for awhile.

Still, Monday's episode marks Nathan's final appearance on the show. Hopefully, the development will result in a solid installment that's viewed by more people than usual, such as former fans tuning in to say goodbye, as the series could use a major ratings boost.

It's currently the lowest-rated primetime drama on network television.

NBC has released a few photos from "The Fifth Stage," and they appear to depict Nathan's demise. Click on each one, going from left to right, to get a close look at what appears to be the character's death scene...

  • Brothers
  • Don't Die!
  • Goodbye, Nathan

Will you miss Nathan on the show? Do you wish a different character was biting the dust? Chime in with a comment below or in our Heroes forum.

Also, follow this article's jump to view a trailer for Monday's new episode.

[video url="" title="The Fifth Stage Promo"] [/video]

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    Does it matter? He'll be back in a week or two, tops. Nobody ever dies on this POS show.


    Something is bugging me and i don t think anyone mentioned it..
    Where does claire's compass come from?
    She stole it from noah ok i get it and i saw the episode where they ask Samuel about it.... But didn't Edgar took that back already when he sliced noah??
    I would be glad if someone explained me where he found another one..


    Rather than a character, I would settle for whatever writers have been writing this show into a hole since season 3 XD


    "But blame NBC for the misleading storyline, as it hyped a "major Heroes death" for weeks, only to reveal that the victim in question has been technically dead for awhile."
    Kristin Dos Santos and Michael Ausiello hyped about a Major Death, not NBC. Yeah Greg Grunberg made a big deal about it but thats Greg, he always raves about anything heroes.


    I doubt it's how Nathan dies. Technically if Nathan dies this way... so does Sylar, and I'd be very surprised if they wrote off both Pasdar and Quinto with one stone.