Leighton Meester Channels Inner Taylor Momsen

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OMG. Is Blair borrowing a page from Jenny?

That's what it looks like in the photo below? Gossip Girl star Leighton Meester looked almost unrecognizable thanks to her raccoon eyes, pale skin and red lipstick at Tuesday's American Eagle Outfitters flagship store launch in NYC.

What do you think of her eye-popping look?

New Raccoon Eyes!

Does the heavy makeup work on Leighton Meester?

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ummmm noooo!!!!!!!! it doesnt suit her. shes a very beautiful girl but no. i think shes trying to experiment her new look and thats fine but no i dont like this. that style looks wayyy better on taylor momsen. anyway let her experiment she'll find something amazing that suits her


shit no someone needs to tell her that she looks like trash there.


As much as I love Leighton she must know that: is either the eyes or the mouth! Hello??!!


gosh. that is hideous.


I think the former was more attractive


I think it looks awful on her! she defo suits the more natural look. She is a naturally very pretty woman she doesn't need to put hash make-up on to stand out.


i love leigh..but the eyes? really??? ugh her make up artist must have envy her so much...hahaha smokey eyes will look good but not this kind of smokey eyes...


Always >3 the red lips but the eyeshadow has 2 go! She looks better with natural make-up! :)


i don't like her look in this photo. she's always pretty but not this time. come on leighton, you're naturally beauty! you don't need a heavy make up. it's just too much.


Before I start screaming from the fact that Taylor Momsen's horse' style is affecting Leighton faster than swine flu.......I would really luv to strangle her stylist first

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