Michelle Trachtenberg Teases Return of Georgina

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Georgina Sparks has once again left the crazy Gossip Girl kids to recover from her devious ways, but that doesn't mean they are free of her antics for good.

The actress who plays the Evil G, Michelle Trachtenberg, said there are a still many scenarios that could bring her character back to Gossip Girl. She says:

"Georgina, she's taken a little trip away. She's gone off with a Russian prince, or so she thinks. So, there are so many more great things Georgina can do."

"She pretty much just comes in, destroys their lives for a few episodes, and then is like, 'OK, I'm good now. I think I'll go get a massage in the Caribbean.'"

Georgina had been attending NYU with Blair Waldorf, and Trachtenberg said once the two ladies meet up again, there will certainly be another catfight.

"I'm sure. Georgina never lets go of a grudge," she said. "So she'll be getting back at Blair. Which is really funny, because Leighton and I are so close."

Leighton and Michelle Photo

Michelle Trachtenberg and Leighton Meester are very close friends in real life, even if their Gossip Girl counterparts, Georgina and Blair, are heated rivals.

Although there are very few people who'd actually sing the praises of Georgina, Trachtenberg is proud to love the bad girl, who she calls "absolutely amazing."

"She is the best character I have ever played. She is so much," she gushed. "Georgina is so incredibly evil, manipulative and pretty much just takes no prisoners, and she doesn't care about the consequences. She is fantastic."

On Trachtenberg's other TV show, Mercy, she plays ├╝ber-sweet newbie nurse Chloe, but she admits that playing mean girl Georgina is much more fun.

"Villains are definitely more fun than good girls," she said. "They are the ones that wreak havoc, and basically, they kind of run the show."

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Does it ever occur to anyone that Leighton are quite close friends with almost all of the cast and I've never seen Blake with any? Leighton is pretty close to Jessica too if I remember correctly. Wonder if the rumors are true.


We need more Geor-gina! :D


what a great pair, I ADORE both characters and both actresses seem so nice and fun!


They're bringing Georgina back!! You know what that means... MORE DRAMA haha:) Follow our blog at WWW.IMFRENZY.COM where we keep up with the latest GOSSIP GIRL news!


@Lethal Intent hahaha it really would be a tremendous honor to be named after Georgina!


I really wish she would come back too. I hate watching Gossip Girl without her on the show. It's a shame she can't be a full time character. Michelle Trachtenberg is so beautiful too. I just wait week-by-week for when I can finally see Georgina on Gossip Girl again. I love the character so much that me and my wife have decided that if we ever have a daughter, we're naming her Georgina.

Ser georg

I really hope she come back, she and Jack Bass are the best antagonists in this show.

Whale sweater

i love georgina and i think she is fantastic as a recurring character who just shows up for stretches at a time to stir up trouble. i think the powers that be should really try to keep her arrivals under wraps though so it has more of an impact.


Yes! She needs to come back. just in time to tip off Gossip Girl about the next huge scandal...


good! I love georgina she's a staple character and her presence somewhat counters the stale tantrums of Blair.


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