Photo Gallery: "Treasure of Serena Madre"

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Below are a dozen promotional photos for the November 30 episode of Gossip Girl, "Treasure of Serena Madre." There is no new episode this coming Monday.

It's Thanksgiving, as you can probably tell, and there's going to be lots of drama as Serena ends up at dinner with Tripp and Maureen for reasons unknown.

We'll also see what happens with D and V, and there are some cute Chair photos here to make fans of that couple very happy. Click to enlarge the pics ...

Hottest Couple of All Time
van der Woodsen Girls
Lily Bass Pic
Tripp, Serena
Strolling Chair
Nate and Maureen
Maureen van der Bilt
Chair Contemplates

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i watched the entire 1st season today. i stayed home and did nothing else. and i realized how amazing this show used to be. GG first season is classic


I just noticed I did get a little negative in the last post, but I do agree that all of the characters have their own good qualities and they are DEFINITELY the best looking cast on tv!


Lady_morgana: I agree with you COMPLETELY on this. I think you pegged the characters exactly. I think Blake is the sexy one, but her face is not really beautiful and is kind of homely without her long blonde hair. Leighton has a perfect face (though she needs to stop wearing so much makeup on it!)and has a classic beauty that she keeps covering up! Taylor looks like a little kid to me, but was really pretty in the last episode when she took off all that raccon makeup. Jessica is the different type of beauty on the show and look much better without her extensions. And I really just don't care that much about Kelly Rutherford. She is very attractive for an older woman, but you can't compare her to young twenty-somethings!


Why is everyone so negative? Blake is the sexy one.
Leighton is the classic beauty.
Taylor is young and fresh.
Jessica is exotic.
And Lily VDW is the sophisticated beauty. Instead of cheering for your fave and bashing everyone else, why not try and see the beauty in the entire cast? I think GG has the best looking cast out of all of the TV shows out there today.


this telefilm is incredible,in particular the dress
sorry for my english but i m italian girl
by by


i'd definitly say from these photos that it was random how all these people happen to be at lilly's for thanksgiving. just random invites, and lots of drama. its obviously going to end badly. the look on serena's face when she's sitting next to trip just screams a look of "i want out of here NOW"


Blake is sexy, but I wouldn't call her beautiful either. Even after a few surgeries, she still has this manly face. When I first saw her casted as Serena, I was like... what the hell. Why Blair is prettier than Serena?!? On the side note, as much as I hate her character, Jessica Schozr has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen.


Strip,wow,the guilty pleasure,they are both gorgeous and hot. About the beauty,i think Lily is the most beautiful ,and then Serena ,and then Jenny and Georgina(i think they look alike,they like sisters),and then Blair,and then Vanessa.
That's my opinion But if need include the guys ,Nate is the prettest on the show.No one can beat him ,unless Gabirel comes back,Gosh ,that man is so fucking gorgeous ,and him and Serena are the Ken and Barbie come to life


I think jessica and taylor are the prettiest when taylor is not wearing all that makeup she is very beautiful ,blake is sexy but i wouldnt call her beautiful and leighton is very pretty too their all different and appealing in very different ways,oh and hate the nate and serena mess not into it no offence to the fans of the pairing im happy for you its good to see happy fans of a pairing even if i dont like it


Season 1 ,when Georgina and Serena together,I thought S was more beautiful but dumb,G was more intersting
Season 2,when N-JBC and Georgina together,they were so funny and match.I liked Georgina
Season 3,I liked Georgina more and more ,she and Blair were in NYU,I found Georgina ,my bb was much more beautiful than Blair.EVERYONE agreed with me.
Now ,Georgina was not on the show,Blair's the most annoying ,Serena's the sluttiest and dumbest
Gossip Girl sucks

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