Private Practice Episode Guide: "Sins of the Father"

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Private Practice was in vintage form last night after the car-trapping drama of last week. Family drama, deep-rooted issues, old characters and tear-jerking moments abound.

Addison's dad, "The Captain," made an appearance, and let's just say the two aren't on the best of terms. Cooper and Charlotte are also going at it about their non-wedding.

Things get worse for Coop when he's arrested after refusing to cooperate in a case involving Evan, the abused child from last season. Once again, he carried the episode.

Pete was right behind him, battling to keep a terminally ill patient alive long enough for him to meet his new daughter. These two guys are becoming the reason for the show.

Follow the link for our parent site's review of last night's episode, "Sins of the Father."

Addison and Father

Addison and her father aren't exactly close. That's putting it nicely.

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Private Practice is Addison's show. She is the lead. Not Cooper and Pete's LOL!


Also, Naomi,Violet and Charlotte are bad ass consistently. Addison occasionally. Any man (or man-boy as he referred to himself recently and who I might add can't manage his own finances) who refers to the woman he wants to supposedly marry so badly as a miserable bitch isn't exactly in a position to be judging other characters and telling them how to run their practice let alone direct their moral compass. He and Pete are both bullies. Pete with Violet and Coop with everyone who disagrees with his doctoring. The only nice men on there are Sam and Sheldon.


No offense iheartizzie but it is a show created by a woman, starring a woman, about a private practice that specializes in helping women get pregnant. How is it becoming a show that Coop and Pete carry?


This has to go as one of my favorite PP episodes ever. I loved it. Addie and her father? Talk about dysfunctional family. The restaurant convo was heartbreaking, especially hearing Addison admit that her marriage ended up for the same example that her father set up for her. So many levels of psychology there that I can't count! I wish that the episode had dedicated a little more on them. It was so good. I loved the Cooper story. It's about time that he and Charlotte got into a real fight but I couldn't help to feel for Charlotte. I hate Dell. I'm sorry but to me, he's the Izzie of PP: judgmental, optimist, and naive. What he told Violet and Naomi? Uncalled for. They just wanted to help. Two weeks for PP...and it looks GOOD. SR and BB said in the podcast that these episodes will explain why Addison cheated on Derek and why she is who she is. Excited to meet Bizzy!


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