Ratings Report: Series Low for Heroes

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Sorry, Heroes fans. But this show dropped to an all-time ratings low last night. Here's a run down of programs and figures from the evening...

8 p.m.
Dancing with the Stars
: 17.3 million viewers
House: 12.8 million
How I Met Your Mother: 9 million/Accidentally on Purpose: 8.2 million
Heroes: 5.3 million
One Tree Hill: 2.7 million

9 p.m.

Dancing with the Stars: 18 million
Two and a Half Men: 14.1 million/The Big Bang Theory: 12.4 million
Lie to Me: 7.5 million
Trauma: 5.4 million
Gossip Girl: 2.3 million

10 p.m.

CSI: Miami: 13.8 million
Castle (pictured): 10.7 million

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Matt richenthal

It's because different shows are judged on different measures. Heroes is as expensive a show as there is to produce, and it airs on a major network.
You simply can't compare its ratings with that of OTH, which is shot on location in North Carolina (cheaply) and airs on The CW. Other factors come into play which makes those shows not actually "lower." Overall, no major network show will ever last a full season with less than six million viewers. Cable shows, conversely, are lucky to ever break 4 million.


these two shows were lower and yet Heroes make it to the top of the list. I know the show used to be really high but come on. One Tree Hill: 2.7 million
Gossip Girl: 2.3 million