Sneak Peeks: "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

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Below are a couple of sneak peeks from "They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"

While they're not threesome-related or as steamy as that second promo, they do give us a little more insight into what takes place Monday on Gossip Girl.

At least at the beginning. In the first clip, Chuck encourages Blair to mend fences with Serena and be a mentor for Cotillion. It's a pretty cute scene ...

[video url="" title="Sneak Preview #1: They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second clip of Blair showing up as he suggested, but once again feuding with Serena, with poor Jenny caught in the middle ...

[video url="" title="Sneak Preview #2: They Shoot Humphreys, Don't They?"] [/video]

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I'm quite disapointed with Gossip Girl... A few things that make me feel this way!!! 1) BLAIR SHOULD HAVE GONE TO YALE- Yale was Blairs thing its so sad to see her going to NYU. I wish she would have gone. 2) COLLAGE- Why isnt anyone at an Ivy League collage???????????? Thats just wrong, that was like a nessesity!!! sooooo confused!!!! 3) CHAIR- sad to say but its starting to get boring I LOVE chair but we need some action!!!!!! 4) FLAT- YAWN!!!! why isnt something EXTREME happening??? 5)- CHUCK- I miss the old chuck,the perverted jokes and SQUAFFLES:) with Serena. It would have been SUPER funny if serena caved and Chuck and Serena did end up taking baths together!!! It would have been like a family ritual. 6) NATE) WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE GIVE THIS HOTTIE A STORY LINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Like his father getting out of jail mad at nate( because nate convinced him to go to jail) and then the captain tries and kills nate, but fails and accedentally shoots the bullet through and open window where vannessa is standing stupidly watching. 7) VANNESSA---- SEE ABOVE!!! :) 8) JENNY- PERFECT :)


I love how it's still the Van der Woodsen's, even if the only people by that name are Serena and Eric. Because really, no one would go to a dinner for debs and mentors at the Humphrey's.

Charlotte waldorf

What? Above all wrong things with this show,nothing is worst than cover Serena's boobs!That's is so wrong!
I mean,they're like a character of this show!Every night they make a especial guest!And now this? Just wrong...
But the way Serena talks about her job with Tripp,make it seems that's so hard and important,that makes up the "no boobs",because its so Serena...


Adorable does seem to be a word frequently used for some Chuck and Blair scenes though I don't feel this is a bad thing,its shows how good they are together,her voice is fairly level in this scene and it has the tone of a real conversation. Shes not demanding about his participation in a "lost" weekend and he doesn't get overly defensive they handle it with maturity while still being themselves. The scene along with most of the others,to me at least shows the life they could share together is possible.


I take back one sentence from my previous post: Blair, in the show would pretend to be perfect. In fact, she strives for perfection. What I meant to say is that the writers don't create her storylines and dialogue in a way that would lead viewers to beleive she is a perfect person or that others adore her completely the way they do with Serena.


P.S. Everyone: I apologize for such a long post. Skim.


NOAN: I really shouldn't have to explain this I guess, but I wish to express my sentiments regarding Blair and Serena and set the record straight so that my comments will not be misconstrued in further discussions. I am not "jealous" of Serena. First of all, she is a fictional character, and as much as I love and waste untold hours discussing Gossip Girl, I am not an obsessed weirdo with nothing else to do but idolize TV characters. I will save that job for those bon bon-eating, muumuu-wearing soap opera fanatics. In fact, I adore attractive women. Everyone enjoys a beautiful person, right? What I take offense to are those insecure people who like Serena’s character because they think she is “perfect� and a “cool girl� and they want to be “just like her.� They usually say this with pep rally enthusiasm and it makes me want to puke. These are those same girls in high school who want to be popular but just aren’t hot enough. Sorry for you. They are the same girls who speak about skanky, snobby “popular� girls with puppy-like admiration and effectively perpetuate the social hierarchy that keeps them down by enthusiastically placing other girls on a pedestal and willfully bowing down to their hotness, fooling themselves into believing they are not slaves to superficiality by rationalizing that girls like Serena are “cool� and “sweet.� These are the girls who invented the word “popular� in the first place because we all know that really “popular� girls don’t refer to themselves as such. It is below them. What I cannot stand about Serena is that the writers attempt to make her seem like she is perfect, when in reality, no one is perfect. (The stupid writers tried to do the same thing with the Gilmore Girls: please, not even the smartest of us can muster that extensively clever dialogue on the spot!) Even on the show Serena is not perfect, but somehow they try to make it seem like she is. She is a college dropout who wears skanky clothes to interviews and spends most of her time wandering around with her mouth hanging open (really, I cannot stress this enough: What the heck is up with that gaping mouth look anyway? Is it supposed to make us believe you are the star because, like so many other boring heroines on TV, you stand around expecting the rest of us to look at you adoringly?) The people who like Serena so much are the insecure people who wish they were perfect—or the completely diluted ones who think they are perfect and pretend that they can “relate� to her. What I love about Blair is that she is (or at least used to be) a more realistic portrayal of a high school girl—she isn’t perfect and doesn’t pretend to be, she has insecurities and emotions and spunk. She has a personality and she is lovable in her neurotic little way. She is just more likeable because of her flaws. Plus, she is ambitious and smart, and I really like that in a character. I wish the writers would bring back this character. Also, I honestly think Blair is better looking than Serena and it irks me to no end that so many wannabes (see paragraphs above) fall in line with the old tall-and-blonde-with-fake-boobs-equals-beauty stereotype. I don’t hate Serena because she is tall and blonde and has fake boobs (and a fake nose); I hate Serena for the same reason Blair does on the show, because she gets favored for just those things when there isn’t much else there. Maybe if the writers stopped playing to wannabe high school girls who need someone to idolize and actually made Serena into an interesting character, then I would like her. Until then, I love Blair and only vaguely appreciate Serena's rack.


I'm team Blair!
Serena's a bitch
yeahh Serena has got everything but true love...


@Noan LOL How could Serena be the star of the show when her own storylines get as much fan attention as Jonathan's being gay. No one cares about her untill the writers bring this frenemy issue. Without Blair, she's just as useless as Vanessa. No one gave a shit about her looking-for-dad storyline.


ALLY THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT. Boys scheme this season and it's OMFG so awesome. Girls do the same and beg and plead for forgiveness. Boys are the ambitous ones, the game changers...girls are hysterical life-ruiners or lightweights. Writers smoke so much crack I can't even believe it. This whole storyline is beyond stupid, as is 'Blair can't make a friend for 10 episodes' or 'Serena's random appearing/disappearing daddy issue storyline'.
If I have to see one more guy lecture a girl on this show on proper behaviour, I will scream.

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