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The Big Bang Theory Review: "The Vengeance Formulation"

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We're going to begin this week's The Big Bang Theory review by stating we absolutely hate Kripke and his stupid speech impediment.  Writers or creators if you're reading this, please just axe this character.

The main plotline of "The Vengeance Formulation" involved Kripke sabotaging Sheldon's NPR radio interview and to us it was just sad.  We've never seen poor Sheldon get so excited about something.  I mean the guy dressed up for a remote radio interview and had his mother listening in only to have everyone, including his friends laugh at him.  It was too sad for us to be happy about his scheme to get Kripke back. 

Kripke Taunts Sheldon

The only exception to this was Raj's many one-liners when came in with Leonard to comfort Sheldon.  Well, actually, Raj came in to mock.  We're not sure when this happened, but suddenly Raj has become one of our favorite cast members.  He's really become consistently funny this season.

Meanwhile, the B story involving Wolowitz and Bernadette was much happier.  Wolowitz learned that third dates is the convention of when a girl will have sex and suddenly he's too afraid to commit to get it.  Apparently he's holding out for Megan Fox.

Despite Leonard and Penny trying to talk some sense into Wolowitz, it's actually his fantasy with Battlestar Galactica alum Katee Sackhoff, that sets him straight.  Hilarious.  He actually wins over Bernadette, who we gotta tell you, we think is pretty hot.  We're actually looking forward to seeing where this one goes.

Overall, it was still a decent episode despite Kripke's attempts to destroy the episode.  We're really wondering if Sheldon's actions will have a long term affect on the guys, but hey it's sitcom land, so who knows.  They might just forget about it.

Now for some of our favorite of The Big Bang Theory quotes from the episode after the jump.

Wolowitz [about Bernadette]: She wants a commitment, but I'm not sure if she's my type.
Penny: She agreed to go out with you for free. What more do you need? | permalink
Wolowitz: Before you and Penny hooked up, did she ask for any sort of commitment?
Leonard: No, she was pretty clear about wanting to keep her options open. | permalink
Katee: Thanks, Howard. Always nice to be part of your masturbatory fantasies.
Wolowitz: Come on, Katee. Don't make it sound so cheap.
Katee: I'm sorry. Fiddling with yourself in the bathtub is a real class act. | permalink
Wolowitz: In romance, like show business, always leave them wanting more.
Penny: What does that mean?
Leonard: He struck out. | permalink


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Love Kripky....he is unique due to his speech impediment which makes him even more hilarious. Bored at Howards lone scenes... Rate this ep as a 4. Solid one.


OMG, Kripke is hillarious! I love the speech impediment and the fact that he completely disregards it, as do the other characters. I think it adds charm and a certain humanity to what might otherwise be a truly unlikable character. And it's certainly memorable, whereas this actors Progressive commercials are not.


I'm not saying it's bad to have a character to hate, but why give the character a silly speech impediment? It ruins any chance of even taking him seriously.


kripky is a character to hate, that's why he is, he's supposed to be hated, so, he does what is asked to! this is one of the best episodes!