The Vampire Diaries Round Table: "The Turning Point"

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Every week, The Vampire Diaries gets better and better. Certain mysteries are solved, new ones are presented, and we grow more and more addicted to these vampires and humans.

Our review of "The Turning Point" touched on several key questions that arose last night. Now our panel has assembled for a Round Table discussion of events on the new hit series.

Who did Elena hit with the car? Why did she freak at the picture? Is Tyler a werewolf? Discuss these issues and more in our Vampire Diaries forum, as we tackle them below...

1. Did Elena overreact at the Katherine picture?

The Barnacle: No. Look at it from E's perspective. She was about to exchange bodily fluids (and we're not talkin' about blood) with a 162-year-old vampire who still pines for his vampire ex, who she may or may not be connected to somehow. It's a tad weird.

Dr. Shepherd: Yes, and it was heartbreaking. All I want is for them to be together, and they keep being torn apart. When Elena left, I felt so terrible for Stefan.

M.L. House: Yes. Did you see Stefan with his shirt off?!? So what if he's only into you because you resemble his ex-girlfriend?!? Come on. All that matters is that a guy with those muscles is (literally) into you at all!


2. Is Tyler a werewolf?

The Barnacle: That's gotta be why his father wanted him to fight Jeremy so bad, which just seems ridiculous otherwise. What I want to know is whether Tyler knows or not.

Dr. Shepherd: Zzz. Sorry, Tyler. The only werewolf I have eyes for in about four hours is Taylor Lautner. Shirtless, no less. Talk to us when you've got a six-pack like that, Ty.

M.L. House: The episode sure did imply that, didn't it? But how can he not be aware of that? Don't werewolves also live forever? I can't wait until January 14 to learn more!

3. Who did Elena run into on the road?

The Barnacle: I just assumed she gets abducted by Damon after this, but is that too obvious? That might be the point ... I bet it's someone we'd never expect or don't know yet.

Dr. Shepherd: It's gotta be Damon. Right? It was foreshadowed after his efforts to bring Katherine back were dashed (indirectly) by Logan's death. He must have lost it.

M.L. House: Tyler. Picking up on the previous question: it was a full moon, right? Perhaps Tyler forgets about his actions when he wakes up the following day, but he clearly causes major havoc under certain circumstances. From what we saw earlier in the night, it makes sense he'd be ripping $hit up any time a full moon hangs overheard.

4. How will you spend Thursday nights until The Vampire Diaries returns with new episodes?

The Barnacle: Trying to recruit a local vampire to travel to Mystic Falls and eat Matt, at which point I'll swoop in and comfort Caroline, and she will be mine. ALL MINE!

Dr. Shepherd: Forget Thursdays. I'll watch every episode again in the all-week marathon starting December 14. All Vampire Diaries, every night. Great idea, CW!

M.L. House: Hugging my Damon bobblehead doll and trying to make vervain from scratch.

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David and sabrina 2014

I think that this review of the turning point truly explains the main thing. Elena was reacted over the Katherine picture, Tyler is a werewolf from the way he acts around Jeremy, and the guy that was hit by Elena was Noah, a vampire who probably turned Logan, and can be a sneaky helper to Anna. When the season takes a break, that's when you sometimes feel hopeless but not when you watch the recap. All I think of this episode is that there may have been dangerous actions, but it's my favorite episode dealing with love scene that changed Stefan and Elena forever. =) 3) 3D


it can't be logan because Alaric stakes him in Turning point, and i'm pretty sure it was wooden


what was the song played during the love making scene?


I was thinking that maybe she could've hit Logan with the car. Because do we really know if he was stabbed with a WOODEN stake?


I think Matt is also a werewolf.I mean look back at the way he walks, then look at the figure coming towards Elena.They have the same..swagger. Kathrines necklace has vervain in it, btw. I felt so bd for Damon in history repeats.The end..was he crying?Cause I was. Plus, how would you feel if you just slept with someone, then you find a pic of their ex and you look just like her?!
Its terrible!


Umm where does tyler being a wherewolf come from? I think that Elana hit whoever turned Logan. I believe that they need her body in order to return katherine and the others


its because Elena has Katherines necklace, so when she saw the pic, she left it, AND the necklace, i forget what that necklace is for, but ye, and I think that the person who elena hit is going to be Stefan and Damon's dad, or Damon, since Elena doesn't havbe the necklace, he can take control, or their dad, will take, her and the the 2 brothers will rescue her/meet their father again.


no, she told lexi remember she didn't tell elena.


i'm a little confused, i thought stefan had already kinda told elena there was a physical similarity between him and katherine, but that he loved her qualities like her compassion and stuff more? or did i imagine that? she should of at least stayed to fight it out with him, typical.


maybe they didn't exchange bodily fluids .. maybe they used to a condom.
but then again, maybe vampires dicks are super big and doesn't fit into regular condoms.. ? :)

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