What Did You Think of "The Last Days of Disco Stick"?

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The 10th episode of Season Three just aired, featuring another well-known guest star, the aftermath of the threesome and several new developments.

What did you think of tonight's Gossip Girl?

Did you love it? Did this installment of our favorite show live up to the hype? Or were you disappointed or just plain confused? Bored? Please tell us!

Share your thoughts on all of this evening's drama by leaving comments and voting in our survey below. We want to hear if you liked it and why!


Will Danessa's relationship ever be the same?

"The Last Days of Disco Stick" was ...

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Chucks wife

That threesome was sensual...Loved it!.. Serena the seductive temptress...provider of pleasure... Serena has game she belongs with Chuck...you should see how she licks her lips, flicks her hair, tilts her neck...Trip is just her latest victim.


i think Dan and Vanessa are incredibly cute. the 3some scnes were funny and sweet i thought! and you gotta give it to Vanessa, despite what she MAY be feeling for Dan, she was the bigger person and apologised to Oliva (something Olivia didnt even bother to do). Id like to see them give it a go ;) rite now it looks like Dan has more feelings for V, than vice versa! I love Nate and Serena :D SO HOT!!!!! their scene in the bar from season 1 is rite up there for me along with the Chair limo scene :D yay cant wait for them to get together. Nate is awesome..even though he is kind of a manwhore himself but ..maybe thats why he suits serena! haha I also miss Chair hot scenes :( actually there has been a major lack of hot sexy scenes lately..1st and parts of 2nd season there was heaps where it was almost embarrasing to watch, so much sexual tension. thats died down now :( bring some more of that!


Obviously Nate and Serena are going to hook up, and the spoiler pic confirmed this. It's about time!
Serena's ponytail had a life of it's own it practically was another character in this episode.
I like Nate and her together, it will at last give them a decent storyline. They do look good togehter.
Penn doesn't look so comfortable with his story line, there was zero chemistry with Hilary and her bad acting was cringeworthy. He looked embarressed for her. I do like seeing him on screen.
Jessica looked really hot in the bed scene, she has found her natural talent!
One Chuck & Blair scene, and Blair did look like a Beatnick!!!
Stupid convoluted SL to include Lady Gaga.
They are making Blair the most irratating Character. I believe Leighton must have seriously pissed off someone!!!
I think she asked for less filming time so she could concentrate on her music release and this is their way of punishing her! but why does Ed have to suffer! Whats he up to on the side?
Did they consciously make them the most boring couple on TV so that the 'supposedly' solatious threesome seemed more exciting?
I am just frustrated with what could have potentially been amazing!
I quite liked the episode but for gods sake give us more Chair :(


some people get waaaaay to into the programme. its just pure entertainment. jeeeez


I really wanted Tripp and S together, but then N came in the equation and oh well, he was SOOOOO UNSPEAKABLY HOT and sweeet and charming and soo real, that after he went to S and told her that she was the most beautiful girl bla bla bla, she can't just leave him there for some married dude who's, let me remind you HIS COUSIN! i mean how bitchy is that? he is her friend after all, isnt he? she cant go to his cousin after he told her he loved her and they were just about to kiss... hilary rocks, its so sad she's leaving, and i hate it how dan likes V right now, i mean ew, really.


Wow!! I LOVED THIS EPISODE!!! Together with last week´s episode, they are my favorite ones this season...things are finally heating up!! I loveD S and N heart to heart, and how Nate is really an "expert on love triangleS and affairs with married people" HAHAHA...that one made me LMAO!! Poor N though, once again Serena chose another guy over him...he´ll have to wait a little longer for her... And what was that Dan-Vanessa-Olivia-Blair-Minions play??? HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! I can´t get enough of it!! GREAT!!! :D

Kimberly anne

What the hell kind of episode was that?
Nate and Serena was nothing but a waste of time. These two never slow down with their love life; it’s kind of disturbing.
The whole threesome was kind of hard to watch because my stomach won’t keep down my food. I’m glad Olivia is gone because if she sticks around there will be more Dan and as you can see, more Vanessa.
How can Tripp’s wife possibly say she trust Serena? Did she not know what her job before this was? She is basically asking them to have an affair.
Blair was just kind of here and there. I love however, what she said about Cyrus and Lady Gaga.
Lady Gaga rescued the show. She was the best part and her performance for “Bad Romance� was awesome. And the fact that it was Blair who got her to come made it even better.
I love how Chuck was playing big brother to Jenny, even though she was acting like an ungrateful brat. But where the hell was my baby for like 40 minutes of the show? What was that little peck on the lips Chuck and Blair shared in the beginning? It was pathetic. The quantity and quality of Chair sucks. Gossip Girl is going downhill for me if it really expects everyone to be fine with putting the best couple together but not show them at all. Once again I hope things change for the better, but I am so tired of hearing myself say that, that I have lost all hope.


Omg i loved this episode i actually love all of season 3 episodes so far. B was hilarious. love her. felt so bad for N i wish he still loved B.

Megi x

Yeah we defenitly need more Chair!!!
And just seeing people talk about C with J/S/V makes me wanna vomit..its utterly disgusting, the ONLY person Chuck needs to be with is Blair!! And I'm soo rooting for D and V to get together. I dnno why everyone hates V so much, I actually like her and she looked so pretty this episode!
I can't stand Jenny..I have a feeling the writers are gnna try and turn her and Damien into the new Chuck and Blair which would never work..they don't have what it takes!
And as for Serena..what is up with her hair..i hate her with her hair up it makes her head look huge!! But I dnno..I kinda like her with Tripp. Her and Nate are soo predictable!!

Megi x

LOVED this episode!!
I soo want Dan and Vanessa to happen, they have so much chemistry its crazy!! And as for Serena and Nate...I'm not sure about those two, when he was telling her how 'shes the most beautiful and amazing person he's even known' felt like a bit of a betrayal to Blair(my all time fav character!!)and..she just fucked his cousin lol! Sorry for the language!


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