What Did You Think of "The Treasure of Serena Madre"?

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The 11th episode of Season 3 just aired, featuring more Thanksgiving drama on the UES than even we saw coming - and it's our job to see it coming!

Did you love tonight's Gossip Girl? Did it live up to the hype? Was it disappointing? Confusing? Did you find "The Treasure of Serena Madre" boring?

We want to hear what you think!

Share your thoughts on all of this evening's Gossip Girl by leaving comments and voting in our poll below. Tell us if you liked the episode and why!

Hottest Couple of All Time

Oh, that Chuck Bass look.

"The Treasure of Serena Madre" was ...

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to be honest, i think that season three is losing its plot. it was good at the start with rufus and lily's son with the whole georgina thing but now all the couples are boring me except for blair and chuck. Even they've given up on games and the passion and getting more serious. That's okay but something needs to be done to lighten up the mood. For me, Serena and Nate are the perfect couple and i can see the potential but i THINK that they may be too perfect and it'll get boring once they get together.
Dan and Vanessa are not really for me. Dont really like them and so i guess they're good for eachother.
I dont like Jenny's character anymore although she's always been awesome! They need to work more on her character. I mean, a drug mule??! seriously. LAMEEE.
i miss the good old days of GG when they were in school. Now there arent any school scandals or troubles and its main focus is the characters. Gossip Girl herself seems to have gone into the backgrounds with not much to post.
i agree with a lot of the other posts about the show now being a bit messy and all over the place. There needs to be some focus. Too much seriousness gets a bit over the top.


i really hate serena in this season, i dont like her at all and now being the lover of a marry man she really has fallen under
she already forgotten carter so fast wasn´t she so in love with him ???
i sorry i used to like her but now i think she is a bi***
i think that nate is too much for serena, he needs a new girl new characters pleaseeee !!! chair neds acction too they are getting bored vanessa and Dan WTF ??? i got admit she is very luky because she is le only girl who had been with the 3 hottest guys in the show


This episode may have made me a Serenate fan. But could we please have more Chuck & Blair? They need some drama. Looks like Chuck will have some soon... Bring back the hot Chair action!


chace is the best !!!!!!!!! forever!!!!!


#Kimmie you are so stupid ! lol


chair is boring now because they have no storyline together and their scenes are always small and used as fillers. cant believe the writers are wasting such an awesome couple, that have the potential to be epic. im so over serena and her stupid drama, taking out too much screentime. MORE CHAIR PLEASE


Season 3 has been DISSAPOINTING so far, the story lines have been so weak. CHUCK BASS is effortless & amazing everytime, as for BLAIR her character is so EMBRASSING & IMMATURE. Bring back her character. Sex, Drugs and Scandal is what made Gossip Girl good. We need some hot new characters,back-stabbing & Parties. Not to mention the whole NYU thing is getting dull, Yale would've been so much better. Wealth, society and violation! xoxo

Kimberly anne

I swear the show is going downhill for me and this episode proves it.
Nate. Serena and Tripp were my second biggest issue. There was too much of them and it was boring. The idea of Nate and Serena was so season one. I’m glad Serena went with Tripp. The guy that plays him is a better actor than Chace.
Dan and Vanessa were okay for me. Her mother is even more annoying than her.
What was written in the letter? Is Serena’s dad coming back?
Something interesting needs to happen between Lily and Rufus but it cannot interrupt Chair.
Once again I am on Team Eric so I hope he takes down Jenny and become the next Queen.
Yay! Eleanor is back. She is the best mom on the show even though her relationship with Blair wasn’t so good in season one. I wished there was more bonding time of her and Chuck because it would be nice for her to get to know her one and only son-in-law/her daughter’s true love. I would have definitely preferred a Waldorf Thanksgiving with Harold, Roman and Cyrus.
It was kind of fake how everyone was at the Van der Woodsen and some of them don’t even know each other.
Blair was funny, but I wished there was more of her. I wished there was more of Chuck. And I wished there was more of Chair period.
I hope nest week is more about the anniversary of Bart than Serena and Tripp’s affair because those two had their enough screen time this week. There is no need for them to continue. If this is so than I should be expecting a lot of Chair because Chuck will feel sadden that day and like last year Blair will be there to comfort him. Chair Forever.


Its official. I keep giving GG a chance to get back to its roots of scandal and intrigue, but they dont. 11 episodes is enough, I think its pretty clear its not going to happen. Its sad to see its going the ways of The OC, I really thought the creators had learned from past mistakes. Chuck and Blair are basically fillers, the story lines are ridiculous, there's no sexiness to the show, and really no reason to watch. Its sad to say, but Goodbye Gossip Girl.


the song is whatcha say by jason de rulo..


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