White Collar Spoilers: A New Nemesis and More!

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USA has another hit on its hands with White Collar.

As the anti-NBC, everything the cable network touches to gold these days, as USA has hit home runs with In Plain Sight, Burn Notice and, now, this Matthew Bomer-led drama.

Caffrey and Burke

On December 4, White Collar will air its mid-season finale. What will go down before the show heads into its holiday hiatus? We're so glad you asked...

  • Neal confronts a new, criminal nemesis;
  • Elizabeth Burke plays a pivotal role;
  • There's a significant reveal about Agent Burke that involves something from Neal's past.

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i love this show. the writing is smart and funny without being stupid, and neal caffrey is so hot. love the central characters and dialogues between them. 3 cheers for WC!!!


I would have loved Kate as a red head. Since there are two commenter's and they both are women, am I watching a chic show and loving it?


I have enjoyed this show from the first episode. The writing is smart, sexy & quick. Matt Bomer could not make Neal Caffrey more sensual, hot or magnetic if he tried. My question is, what's up with so many of the principal cast having blue eyes & dark hair? Why do Kate & Neal share the same features - blue eyes & dark hair? This is boring. It would have been more visually interesting if they looked different, but complemented eachother. Kate should be a redhead?


this show is mad good. It's a little predictable but the show is just getting started and I'm sure the kinks will be worked out by the end of the 1st full season. Matt Bomer is just down right charismatic and he's more than just a pretty face. Bomer and Tim DeKay play off each other very well. The casting couldn't have been better.

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