90210 Review: "Winter Wonderland"

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Really? 90210 called that its mid-season finale?!?

Before we get into the reasons why the show's cliffhangers and storylines didn't leave us on the edges of our seats, counting down the seconds until it returns, catch up on "Winter Wonderland" with our detailed episode guide. All set? Let's get to the review...

Jasper? More like Jas-BORE! We'd been waiting all season to find out how Annie's hit-and-run would play into her relationship with Jasper. But the show ignored this tidbit for months, creating a cliche-ridden scenario in which Annie dated the proverbial bad seed, ignoring all pleas about Jasper's true nature. Then, faced with accusations from his distraught girlfriend, Jasper simply says he knows about the accident?

Moreover, that's the final scene of 2009? Prior to a long hiatus, most shows try to leave viewers majorly hanging. But this scene didn't feel urgent in any way. We stopped caring about Annie a long time ago.

Liam and Teddy

An A for Adrianna: Conversely, this is one character we've fallen for. 90210 could easily have gone back to the drug-addiction well, sending Adrianna down another spiral toward oblivion. But it's played that card so many time, the storyline would not have felt fresh. It's been nice to see Adrianna actually mature, (hopefully) kick her habit for good and come through in a believable way in order to make up with her friends.

Also, Jessica Lowndes is the best actress in the 90210 cast. Great work from her each week.

A boat? Blah! So Liam is building a boat because his therapist says it's cathartic. Okay. Was anyone else incredibly disappointed by this reveal? The show has teased that tarp for weeks, but it's not clear why Liam was ever afraid to show it or why it should be a big deal to viewers at all.

Dixon and Silver and Teddy... oh my! This love triangle has potential, at least. Readers seem split over who Silver should choose, which reflects the character herself nicely. Do you take a risk with a new guy, or call back into what's comfortable?

Still, the show is lacking... something, isn't it? Naomi and Adrianna have both been made into more sympathetic characters this season. With Jen now out of the picture, the series is missing a villain; its storylines seem stale and not particularly exciting because there's no antagonist causing mischief. All soap operas need someone viewers love to hate.

The only storyline with any real drama involves Jasper and Annie, two characters that have been shoved into the background for so long that it's difficult to suddenly care about their future.

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Hate teddy
i feel so comfartable whn i actually see tht silver dixon talking.. but i know silver will go out with teddy and that thing is really killing me.... i hate teddy
i want silver/dixon again
teddy is fugly


I Hate Jasper!!!
I am team dixon all the way as far as silver is concerned!!!


Ok Teddy seems old and everything but I like him now... And I think Silver deserves to be with him. Dixon has been acting like a douche lately. Now he shows interest in her only because he is jealous. And he also lied to her.


HATE TEDDY and seriously his sister why she was there? that guy seems have 40 years old and he play an hischooler WTH?
love liam/naomi
silver/dixon even if tilver fans hate him ! SIXON FOREVER!!


I agree with Julien and Jeff. The show, since season 1 has made so much progress and developed into something that is definitely worth the wait on Tuesdays. Every 90210 season 2 ep so far has had me counting down the seconds, checking how many minutes I had left- I agree, Julien, it's THAT addictive. If you don't like it, don't watch it. We come on this site to talk and discuss with FANS of the show, not to bitch about every little detail. And missing a villain? Um, hello. The villan only left last episode. And frankly, there was enough drama in this one to go without Jen. Not to mention creepazoid Jasper isn't going anywhere just yet. Liam and Naomi - more barriers? Are you kidding? I adore the two and all the drama, but seriously the whole obstacle course to get to each other- was getting really tedious and really old. I am so glad and RELIEVED that they are back together, there were tears in my eyes. To put more hurdles in between them would only drag the storyline until people ceased to care. There's a reason, they're the directors and you're not, you know. Definitely excited to have the show back next year :)


Also, Dixon is boring, LOVE teddy (L).
Hate what Dixon did, seriously.


What do you mean you don't call this a midseason finale. You're not a fan then, TV Fanatic. How could you?!


liam naomi, dixon silver, ade and navid...... FOREVER!!


Yay! Finally Silver and Dixon will "talk" when the show returns. But Dixon should have told her truth instesd of not telling her that the girl was really Teddys sis.


I want Silver with Teddy but the promo for the next episode doesn't look promising... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v... Ade finally goes lesbo hehe

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