Blake Lively Hosts Saturday Night Live

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Gossip Girl star Blake Lively hosted Saturday Night Live last night, and while there weren't too many comedic moments we'll remember for ever and ever, she certainly held her own and was really into it, which was great to see.

In Blake's opening monologue, she wore a dress Serena van der Woodsen would definitely approve of, and even made a joke about her "winter clothes."

This soon turned into a musical, holiday number featuring the Muppets (don't ask), which may not have made sense, but Blake rules, without a doubt ...

[video url="" title="Blake Lively SNL Monologue"] [/video]

Below are more clips from SNL, including a spoof called Gossip Girl: Staten Island. Blake plays a part in this faux of Gossip Girl, only unsophisticated.

She also made a great Elin Nordegren (a.k.a. Mrs. Tiger Woods, at a press conference with the golfing legend. Follow the jump to see Lively in action:

[video url="" title="Gossip Girl: Staten Island"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Blake Lively as Tiger Woods' Wife"] [/video]

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I think that was the best SNL I have seen all decade...It was hilarious...I loved the Prada skit.


can someone PLEASE tell me who designed that red dress she wears and where I can get one? please please please! thanks!


I was actually at the DRESS REHEARSAL for the Blake Lively/Rihanna SNL show! Read all about the experience — what skits were altered or cut from the live show, who warmed up the audience beforehand, etc. Follow me on Twitter to get site link for posts: Entertainment2u Thanks for checking it out!


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let me say this over. i think Keenan thompson is HILARIOUS. and i like most of the SNL skits


I totally adore blake lively!!! She was so funny!! The muppets thing was pretty stupid but it wasn't her fault. It's good to know that she doesn't take herself too seriously!! Great job overall! Go Blake!!!!


I thought Blake gave an awesome performance.. I was however slightly disappointed, where was the Gossip Girl skits? I guess I had my hopes high but I thought the opener would have been about GG and not the Muppets.. though I love Bill Hader as Animal, but I was expecting maybe an apperance from Leighton or Ed, maybe Chace..or atleast Penn cause I wouldn't have been suprised if he was there cheering her on. But no.. it was a pointless opener. January Jones had a Mad Men opener so I just suprised. Blake is very funny for what they had given her.. but Rihanna was soo boring in the digital short. Lets hope Taylor Lautner can bring it this week :)


SNL is the worst piece of crap ever and the only reason people watch it to see their favorite stars. Like we all watched it for Blake and I know I'll never watch it again.
The gossip girl skit...OMG was that gossip girl related at all? So cheesy!


my favourite was certainly the shopping with mama skit. Blake was really funny in that, and also the tiger woods sketch. However, SNL is a joke of a program. It's disgraceful.


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