Community Review: "Comparative Religion"

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It was Christmas, err politcally-correct Holiday season on Community and everyone at Greendale was ready to celebrate their religion in their own way.  As Jeff pointed out in the usual meta way Community does, religion is a touchy subject and this sitcom handled it in a hilarious and non-offensive way.

Abed and Britta

Shirley, losing her family to divorce, was looking forward to throwing a Christmas party for her new family at Greendale.  However, things didn't go as planned when Shirley found out none of her friends were Christian and all would rather go watch Jeff fight a bully (Anthony Michael Hall) than attend.

Besides all the religious references leading to some great jokes, though mostly at Pierce's crazy cult and Annie taking offense to the word Jew (and who could blame her), it also led to some sweet sentiments.  Shirley definitely proved friendship was far more important to her than religion and went with the gang to watch Jeff fight and even sang a politcally correct, non-denomimational song to the gang:

Sensible night, appropriate night.
Snow on ground, left and right.
Round yon purchase of decorative things.
Tolerant rewrite of carols to sing.
Function with relative ease,
Function with relative ease. | permalink

Overall, "Comparative Religion" was a very funny episode with the standard obscure references we've come to love from Community.  We were a little shocked that Community decided to make each season two semesters.  Now we're nervous how they're going to handle the two year nature of community college after the next season.

As usual, we've captured the rest of the Community quotes from the episode, and you can catch up with our favorites after the jump.

Dean: Happy last day before winter break. Time to visit our loved ones. Some of you will travel as far as 3 miles! Don't forget to visit our winter wonderland in the quad where were giving away up to six semester of free classes. Wow, what's that sound? Is that the tip tapping of secular boots on on the roof? That must be another sign that it 'tis the season because rumor has it that non-denominational Mr. Winter is on his way to the student lounge. | permalink
Bully: Give me a winter doodle.
Jeff: If you're trying to be menacing, maybe you shouldn't call the cookie by its name. | permalink
Pierce: So what's the deal Jeff, you leave your stones in your other suit? Why didn't you wrap that guy in the face?
Jeff: For the same reason I floss, have a bed frame, and keep my guitar in its case. I'm over 23. | permalink
Pierce: Agnostic, the lazy man's athiest. I'm a born again.
Sherry: Oh...
Pierce: We had a re-birthing ritual in my friend's hot tub. I'm now a level five laser lotus in my Buddhist community.
Britta: That does not sound like Buddhism, are you sure you're not in a cult?
Pierce: Just by asking that question, you put me down to a level four. You now owe me 2000 energon cubes.
Troy: Do you know how foolish you sound right now? What else do you believe in, blood transfusions? | permalink
Annie: Shirley, you are a guilt machine
Pierce: And annie knows a thing or two about guilt, am I right Jew?
Annie: Say the whole word.
Pierce: Jewey?
Troy: You would never catch a Jehovah's Witness saying "jewey."
Pierce: It comes with the birthday cake you never got. | permalink

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This is the best show on tv right now and that was my fave episode yet!

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Community Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

Sensible night, appropriate night.
Snow on ground, left and right.
Round yon purchase of decorative things.
Tolerant rewrite of carols to sing.
Function with relative ease,
Function with relative ease.

Shirley [sung to the tune of "Silent Night"]

Shirley: I made you all a little gift because you're like my new family.
Annie: WWBJD?
Pierce: If it stands for "What Would Billy Joel Do?", I'll tell you right now, he'd write another crappy song.
Troy: Yeah, in your face Billy Joel.
[Troy mouths who is that to Annie, who mouths back I don't know]
Shirley: It stands for "What Would Baby Jesus Do?"