Darius McCrary Speaks on Playing Malcolm Winters

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When first offered the role of Malcolm Winters on The Young and the Restless, former Family Matters star Darius McCrary says he didn't hesitate to accept.

“I’ve always thought it was a great gig. I always wanted to do it. So when my manager approached me and mentioned The Young and the Restless I thought, ‘Wow. That’s hot,'" the actor recently said.

Darius McCrary as Malcolm Winters

Of course, Winters is one of the most beloved characters in show history. Does McCrary feel any pressure stepping into a role created by Shemar Moore?

“The responsibility I have is to be the best performer that I can be," he said. "Hopefully if I’m delivering solid performances and I’m really good as an actor, none of that will even matter.

"I hope that everybody loves me in this role just as much as they loved [Moore], but I hope they love me just a little more."

So far, so good. Do you like McCrary in this role, readers?

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He is no Shemar and in no way portrays Lilly's biological father. Plus, he has no screen personality for that role. Seems as though he is reading his lines with no emotion whatsoever. I just hate to see him even appear on screen. Malcolm and Phyllis were tight and I do not see that happening with him. There were so many, many other choices of black male actors that could have pulled that part off a lot better. Shemar was excellent!


please,please get his non- sexy no acting country sounding ass off NOW! i know someone better could play this role.


Darius McCrary is a child-star from the 1980's sitcom "Family Matters." I think it is wonderful that Y&R offered him the part of Malcolm. They didn't have too. They could have gotten anybody to do it. Daytime TV pays well, I hear!! So more power to Darius. I hope it all works out for him. Shemar Moore couldn't wait to leave the show. I think things got a little uncomfortable around there. Shemar was there during the "hot contract negotiations" for Victoria Rowell and the firing of Davetta Sherwood who only lasted about 9-10 months as Lily Winters after Christel Khalil Left and then when Sherwood was FIRED Khalil was rehired. That was some dirty stuff. No wonder Shemar wanted to hurry up and get out of Genoa City. Wouldn't you?


This Malcolm doesn't look like he could be Lilly's bio. dad. They
should have gotten an actor with lighter skin. I hate the episodes when it is about Cain and Lilly....it is sooo boring. I have watched Y&R since the first program and hope it stays on. I hope Nick and Sharon get back together with their little baby, Faith. I hope they find out that Summar belongs to Jack so Phyliss can get Nick out of her life and and have a happy life. Maybe Jack and Phyliss can get together when He finds out his wife is a crazy bitch and gets rid of her.


The old malcolm was WAAAAYYYYYYY Better then this man!! When he tlks he sounds Clueless of his ''Own life''!!! BRING MALCOLM BACK PLEASE!!!!!!


I actually like him as Malcolm. I was a little skeptical when I first heard he was being cast. Let's be honest, they're like night and day physically but I think he's a better actor than Shemar Moore. Quite frankly, I thought Moore overacted sometimes. As far as him being Lily's biological father, it doesn't feel like he's too young. Maybe it's the baritone in his voice that makes him seem older. I know it's hard to except when they change an actor that you like but I think he'll be okay.


He's horrible! I didn't realize he was an actual "actor"! When he does his lines it's like he's reading them, I could do a better job as Malcolm! He totally does not fit the part, they need someone like the original to make it believable. Someone like Neil. Hoping they get rid of this guy fast!


I think Darius a great actor but does not fit the part of Malcolm. It's almost like they built the role of Malcolm around Shemar. Shemar is a very talented actor with big shoes to fill, but they really needed to find someone else for that part.


I still wish Shemar Moore was back. He's SUCH a great actor and played Malcolm "To the HILT" I'm about tired of Y&R's role changing and loooooooooooooooooooooong drawn out eposdic ventures.I'm getting about tired of the show period, which is something I NEVER thought I would say! But rather than getting exciting, it is getting boring "Lily" is such a pretty, intelligent girl. Too bad they are portraying her as a little sniveling. She has TOO much talent for what she is playing now. I don't like a lot of the silly crap. that they have on the show anymore.


I thought I had read somewhere that this actor had passed away in real life, so it was a HUGE shock when he showed up in the role as Malcolm. I am SOOO happy to see that he is alive and doing well, and I wish him much success in this role as Shemar Moore is never coming back, so we should try to welcome this new actor as much as possible.

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