Ed Westwick Shops in SoHo

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Picking up a few holiday gifts?

Gossip Girl star Ed Westwick leaves the Upper East Side behind for a shopping trip at Armani Exchange in NYC's SoHo neighborhood over the weekend.

Dressed as only he can and still look cool, the Gossip Girl guy picked himself up a pair of shades. We need our own, blinded by the hotness that is Ed:

Holiday Shoppin'

HANDSOME SHOPPER: Ed Westwick takes care of business.

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hes so. intriguing. chace is better looking but ed is so much more desirable :) thats what i think anyway


I can NEVER call him just hot, he is indescribably sexy.


i love him..he looks hot and amazing..plus i think he lost some wieght


That's the point, I think. Chuck Bass ISN'T the good looking one, or isn't supposed to be. Nate is. It's the money, the dress etc that makes him look good. As for Ed well calling him ugly is harsh. I know a heap of new English actors that look just like him. The term is 'edgy'--Ed Westwick can model in high-fashion just as easily as he can fit into any required role as an actor. His versitality is probably the reason why he doesn't body build--because being skinny and fairly interesting looking (with heaps of talent) will ultimately net him more roles.


Loving his pants haha he is sexy


OMG, I adore the haircut! I really hate the way his hair looks in S2 and S3, and in this pic he looks just like S1 Chuck! He lost much weight, I think. Either way he looks perfect, though I prefer him like that!


He's sexyy & British at that. ;)


Naaaaaww, he sucks on the stringy thingy,


Someone got a hair cut! Very season 1 indeed.


Eve Queen E blair you girls said all I wanted to say :) Ed = HOT!!!


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