Two Promos For Next Week: "The Debarted"

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Below is the first promo for next week's Gossip Girl, "The Debarted." A mid-season finale of sorts, it looks like it may produce a few cliffhangers, or at the very least, several really dramatic moments (check out our photo gallery too).

Check out the dramatic teaser that aired on the CW after last night's awesome episode and tell us what you think happens next Monday night ...

[video url="" title="The Debarted Promo"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second, extended promo of "The Debarted," which marks the anniversary of Bart's death. What will that mean for Chuck?

[video url="" title="The Debarted Promo (Extended)"] [/video]

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So i am was totally confused. I was lookin forward to whatever scandal they were gonna try to pin on Jenny but instead i got some mellow YSL hand bag drama? I thought there was a chance for a twist in the plot but what with Chuck's mom-is-alive-afterall and I'm-not-like-my-dad-dilemna, Lily's sexual escapades, mirrored by her daughter's poor choice in men (I still love Serena, glad she didn't die), Rufus's incipient UES affair, VanDan drama, Nate's new hero status I think the writers forgot about the Jenny issue except for her new after-school job (i can see the road to expulsion and Waverly). C'mon GG writers don't throw all the ingridients into the pot. Rushing makes for hasty plot lines with very rough edges. It's just feeling so sloppy, oh and speaking of that: You left Blair in the same outfit the whole episode except for her hospital ensemble...dont do that to her, her mother is Elanor Waldorf! and what about Dorota and the hunky door guy? Likes: the lily/rufus/dr. va der woodsen scandal, serena/her dad, nate's comeupance, blair/chuck, chuck/mother's ghost, QUEEN J and anything she does with drugs or people...but i liked her better as a designer/queen Dislikes: Tripp/Serena, VanDan, general sloppiness of the plot line would like to see; serena/nate, eric/jenny civil war, more of Blair making manhattan hers, Serena doing something positive for her future (she may have wanted to go to Brown after all), Dan get a backbone, I like Georgina, how bout eric with a new hot it boy? maybe me (i've had a crush since Alexander), more "court intrigue" (talk with the writers from The Tudors, they had it togetha!) xoxo


I think that when trip and serena will get into accident trip will leave her in the car and will call nate. that's when nate punches him and then nate and the police are going to find serena in the car and nate saves her. nini


@ megan: you're sooooooooooooo damn right! :)


Wow...I thought they ran the 'Chuck lashes out because of his father's death' thing into the ground last season. Can we expect him to go chase Nanny's again? I want a Blair spinoff, and then I can quit watching this show completely and just watch that one.


does tripp die?!


I miss blair, this season is WAY too focused on serena and her bitchy ways..


WTF. Limos are dangerous.

Addison rose

So bart gets in an accident and then exactly a year later serena gets in an accident, I think Lily is going to be like wtf maybe i should ask the hospital to set aside a room for my family members on this day.


go nate!! i also hope he punches him really hard!!! serena, you should now realize that TRIP'S NOT THE MAN FOR YOU!!! NATE IS!!!


and oh, i sooooo agree with Pats on this one..

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