Four More Seasons of Fringe to Come?

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Unfortunately for Fox, its decision to move Fringe to Thursdays has not paid off with solid ratings.

Hopefully, however, the network will give the drama time to settle in, as Jeff Pinkner says he and fellow producers are "only limited by our own imaginations." They have many stories left to tell.

"If we're lucky enough, we have six seasons that we're really excited about," he said recently. "Once you start to get into this wonderful framework of the characters and stuff, it's so much fun. We're constantly saying, 'Oh, what about this?' and then all of a sudden, we're like, 'Well, that will be a season three thing, yeah.'

"Then before you know it, there's so many things on the season three pile that you realize it takes shape."

So far, thankfully, there's no indication that Fox isn't open to at least a third season of the show. To find out how season two may conclude, browse through our section of Fringe spoilers now.

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I am a big fan of fringe, amazing show, please please do not leave us hanging, this show is awesome, need to know whats instored for the new seasons to come. Thanks


I LOVE Fringe! Please can there ve at least 6 seasons and not just stop mid journey.


i loove fringe so please finish ALL of the planned 6 seasons.. :)


Hey, I'm from Australia and I just wanted to say that Kate up there hit the nail on the head!! 'more pattern eps and less freak of the week'.
Fringe NEEEEDDDDDSSSS to run as they intend and not cut off mid journey. They let us ride the beautiful wave of LOST all the way, now let us have ALLL of Fringe. Love From
Fringe obsessed
Karleigh from Oz.


Love Fringe. I just think it needs a little bit work on the pacing of the overall storyline. Maybe more pattern episodes and less freak of the week episodes. And hopefully Fox will renew it for a season 3 and move it to a different night.

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