Gossip Girl: As Good as (or Better Than) Ever?

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Is Gossip Girl as good or better than it's ever been? Your votes in our weekly surveys seem to suggest it might be - or at least it's heading that way.

In "The Debarted," we have a new winner for best episode ever, according to the polls we put up immediately after each Gossip Girl episode airs.

So far, all 12 episodes this season have received generally positive reviews, but "The Debarted" and "The Treasure of Serena Madre" rate highest.

Our surveys aren't exactly scientific, but they do show trends.

Do you agree with this assessment? Chances are many of you do - it's your votes we're basing this on. Either way, tells us what you think!

Check out the results of polls we put up for the last seven episodes (and click here for a similar breakdown we did of the first five this season):

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sorry, but I have to disagree.
i think the only reason why The Debarted has the highest scores is because we were so surprised after such a crappy season that it shocked us. But I really think that every episode in the 1st and 2nd season (except for maybe Valley Girls which sucked) beats it, and beats The Treasure of Serena Madre by far.


Well to be a fan you dont have to love every episode there has been some god right aweful episodes! i dont know what it is that makes me dislike this season its not that i hate it but its just not the same its lost its spark it once had! For example season 1 i loved blair season 2 i started to dislike her season 3 i totally hate her! i just think that the writers have ruined her character she used to be fierce now shes pathetic! im not a huge fan of leighton but her acting is outstanding shes still playing blair perfectly but the character i usually skip her scenes i cant stand to watch her! as for chuck and blair i ususally forget that they are there. Their scenes just pass me by! Serena is also getting some fairly annoying scenes she is my fave and always will be but it seems to me that the 3 main girls are beicoming unlikable! most of the viewers are teenage girls they want to relate to the three girls in it! how can they do that when Serena is jumping from guy to guy blair is becoming pathetic and Jenny is becoming more like blair every episode! come on writers if you give us nothing to like we arnt gonna like it!


It is really good but seasons 2 & 3 just don't have the chemistry and dazzle that season 1 had...


I feel like Gossip Girl really go exciting during 'The Treasure of Serena Madre.' It was so blah before that. Melrose Place became my favorite show until 'The Debarted', which thankfully made Gossip Girl my favorite show again. It's the best and being a New Yorker myself I love it to pieces. But it should NOT have taken them more than two episodes to get good story lines again. There's too much Vanessa, Jenny, Serena, and Dan. We need more Blair, CHuck, and Nate. I know a lot of people are really huge Lily and Rufus fans, and I like them together, but they bore me so much. Sorry, I had to say it. I'm glad that they weren't a huge focus so far in this season. Thanks to the Debarted I can't wait for GG to start again!


GG hasn't sucked. But it hasn't been at its best either. I do think it is improving though. I LOVED 3x11 and 3x12.
The Thanksgiving dinner scene was gold!! I just hope that people don't stop watching!


enoug about eve was one of the the best episode so far this season (3)!! it surprises me that itdidn't came out this way in your poll's... there was Good music, Great gossip and Gorgeous fashion,
and a OMG storyline. Am I the only one thinking this?


if they continue making episodes that has the same quality of Debarted or better, it would be epic as in really epic. I was so shocked at Ed Westwick's performance, I think he should get nominated for primetime emmy's... agreed? Also, if they show more CHAIR, please do show more CHAIR for ratings like hot white angry sex we CHAIR fans missed the most.... we love you CW and please let Stephanie Savage write the things, fucking Josh Schwartz is a retard.


I hated the first few episodes of the season. Boring, annoying, et cetera. "The Departed" was going to the right direction, but I'm still not sure about this season... They should bring in more that old Gossip Girl charisma and please, I'm begging you, no more celebrity guest stars! That Ursula thing was just plain horrible, didn't know should I cry or laugh. Just horrible. And sad...

I love you

look i agree with pretty much everyone that it has taken much longer than needed to finally get into a FANTASTIC storyline. but none of the episodes deserve a "WTH was that"
well for my point of view anyways.


Um, it's only been up for like three episodes. Seasons one and two were great but now its... stupid.


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