Gossip Girl: As Good as (or Better Than) Ever?

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Is Gossip Girl as good or better than it's ever been? Your votes in our weekly surveys seem to suggest it might be - or at least it's heading that way.

In "The Debarted," we have a new winner for best episode ever, according to the polls we put up immediately after each Gossip Girl episode airs.

So far, all 12 episodes this season have received generally positive reviews, but "The Debarted" and "The Treasure of Serena Madre" rate highest.

Our surveys aren't exactly scientific, but they do show trends.

Do you agree with this assessment? Chances are many of you do - it's your votes we're basing this on. Either way, tells us what you think!

Check out the results of polls we put up for the last seven episodes (and click here for a similar breakdown we did of the first five this season):

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I think one of the main reasons this was rated so high was because of the amazing Chair scene. This scene was LONG overdue, and much appreciated. If the writers know what's best for them, they will put a lot more of them in this season!

Pennbadgley lover

some of the episodes do deserve praise (the debarted ;) but others are just plain awful and boring. the storylines need to be less about serena and dan and jenny and vennessa and more about blair, chuck, and nate.


Episode 7, season 1


I still prefer Seasons 1&2-but Season 3 is getting waaay better, The Debarted was suchhhh an amazing episode:) Anyone else think Rufus sucks this season?


The debarted was solid. Why? Because the amount of Chuck Bass, that's why.


I LOVE gg, but it seems that since they've finished highschool they don't have too much to show us. My bff and I are really fans, but she stopped watching it, because she says it has no sense. A lot of friends of mine say the same. Just a coincidece?.
I'm not gonna stop watching it, it's getting better NOW. but, did they have to wait 12 episodes, to put the story a little spicy?
We want more about Chuck and Blair!!!!!!!, and stop putting serena in threesomes, she looks like a whore.


i'm lovin' gossip girl right now! i think it's getting better than ever! I mean, every tv show will be getting it's ups and downs..


I love The Debarted most!!!
they gotta make more Chair scenes like on that one, and the rating will be high every episode!


i think this season had a slow start,
but it definitely is living up to my expectations and, most importantly, FAAAAR BEYOND IT,
i love the new episodes, the characters development, the intrigues,
GG never did better!


I think the polls definitely show a trend, but the number of people voting is also different. In "The Debarted", more than 7,000 people voted, where the lowest is just barely 3300. Just an observation. The Debarted is my favorite so far though!!!


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