Gossip Girl Caption Contest 81

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fanatics everywhere, to the 81st edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our always-fun Friday tradition.

This week's winner: derena1045. Congrats! The winning entry appears below!

Honorable mentions go out to sofia lindell, ChairBear, Maddy 133 & NluvsS!

Thanks to all for playing. Good luck in the next Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Classic Screen Cap

Dan: And this is the face I made when-
Nate: Dan! Okay, you're not that cool. I've gotten with every girl on the show. Even Jenny.
Dan: You did WHAT?
Nate: Oh, um, I tutored Jenny in math?
Dan: No wonder she wanted to drop out last season.

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Nate: You know... I'm not over what you did to me. You stole the love of my life and still go around with ugly hair...
Dan: Huh? Vanessa?
Nate: No. My curlingiron.


Nate: You guys are busy? Oh crap, I'm so sorry! Sorry Dan...sorry Vanessa...


D: *singing* Oooooh I loooove Vanessaaa, but sheee doesn't looooove me. ooooh, I keep bleeding in looove.
Nate thinking: Someone needs to tell that boy he can't sing, ow my ears.


N: So THAT's why I suddenly have a storyline!


ChairBear wow, you are amazing,
all of yours are hilarious, !


Dan: I said I loved her...
Nate: and..
Dan: So I went to kiss her..like this...
Nate: ....


Dan: I said I loved her...
Nate: and..
Dan: So I went to kiss her..like this...
Nate: ....


N: Ew Dan! I'm drinking something here, you're going to make me throw up!
D: Hey, i don't tell you what to do when you're banging a girl.


Nate: where is Vanessa, I just saw her there, now she is gone!
Dan: She Is ... ohh god!!... under the ta-table
Nate: ohh. Hey Vanessa! what are you doing
vanessa: a blow j..
Nate: oohhh look a butterfly hahaha and is shiny!!


Nate: Nooooo! Is that my reflection?!

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Gossip Girl Quotes

Blair: Fashion is the most powerful art there is. It's movement, design and architecture all in one. It shows the world who we are and who we'd like to be. Just like your scarf suggests that you'd like to sell used cars.
Dan: Vanessa gave me this scarf.

[to Jenny] That's the thing. You need to be cool to be queen. Anne Boleyn thought only with her heart and she got her head chopped off. So her daughter Elizabeth made a vow never to marry a man. She married a country. Forget boys. Keep your eye on the prize, Jenny Humphrey. You can't make people love you, but you can make them fear you. For what it's worth, you're my Queen. I choose you.