Gossip Girl Caption Contest 81

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Welcome, Gossip Girl fanatics everywhere, to the 81st edition of the Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our always-fun Friday tradition.

This week's winner: derena1045. Congrats! The winning entry appears below!

Honorable mentions go out to sofia lindell, ChairBear, Maddy 133 & NluvsS!

Thanks to all for playing. Good luck in the next Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

Classic Screen Cap

Dan: And this is the face I made when-
Nate: Dan! Okay, you're not that cool. I've gotten with every girl on the show. Even Jenny.
Dan: You did WHAT?
Nate: Oh, um, I tutored Jenny in math?
Dan: No wonder she wanted to drop out last season.

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Nate: You know... I'm not over what you did to me. You stole the love of my life and still go around with ugly hair...
Dan: Huh? Vanessa?
Nate: No. My curlingiron.


Nate: You guys are busy? Oh crap, I'm so sorry! Sorry Dan...sorry Vanessa...


D: *singing* Oooooh I loooove Vanessaaa, but sheee doesn't looooove me. ooooh, I keep bleeding in looove.
Nate thinking: Someone needs to tell that boy he can't sing, ow my ears.


N: So THAT's why I suddenly have a storyline!


ChairBear wow, you are amazing,
all of yours are hilarious, !


Dan: I said I loved her...
Nate: and..
Dan: So I went to kiss her..like this...
Nate: ....


Dan: I said I loved her...
Nate: and..
Dan: So I went to kiss her..like this...
Nate: ....


N: Ew Dan! I'm drinking something here, you're going to make me throw up!
D: Hey, i don't tell you what to do when you're banging a girl.


Nate: where is Vanessa, I just saw her there, now she is gone!
Dan: She Is ... ohh god!!... under the ta-table
Nate: ohh. Hey Vanessa! what are you doing
vanessa: a blow j..
Nate: oohhh look a butterfly hahaha and is shiny!!


Nate: Nooooo! Is that my reflection?!

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