Gossip Girl Caption Contest 82

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Welcome, Gossip Girl crazies worldwide, to the 82st Gossip Girl Insider Caption Contest, our Friday tradition and one of our favorite features.

It was a tough decision, as always, but this week's winner is Nate Hearts Serena. Congratulations! The winning entry appears below the picture.

Honorable mentions: Nat, GossipGirlLover, Brazilian Girl and GossipSweety.

Check back each Friday for a new Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

S and L

Lily: Oh my god! Serena what happened?

Serena: I don't know, Chuck and Nate just came at me with a sledgehammer ...

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Lily: I just dont understand how this could have happened to you, Serena.
Serena: I know! I mean, who would have thought that on the drive back from the cottage of a married man I've been sleeping around with, I would get into a car crash!
Lily: Yeah, why do bad things happen to good people?


Thanx Miriam and Libby :D


lily: sorry honey. i was just trying to show you what tripp would end up doing to you
serena: its ok mom..he'll probably just run away from me now


Serena: "Mom, You and Rufus can not raise Tripp's and my baby and expect it to fill the void left when you gave your baby up for adoption."
Lily: "You don't know that."
Serena: " Yes, I do! Chuck said so and I believe him. After all he is Chuck Bass. Besides, this is my opportunity to make my own fortune - just like you did."
Lily: "What are you talking about?"
Serena: "Tripp's Grandfather will pay a lot of money to keep me quiet about my affair with Tripp and our baby. If it's a boy, he may pay me outright for the baby so it can be raised in the Van der Bilt family. And if I hook up with Nate soon, then there may be a question of who the baby daddy is and that might be worth double."


Serena: Is it the concussion or is my hand bigger than your entire head right now?


Lily: How many times have I warned you about glass doors, Serena?


Lily: Serena, let me give you the number of my botox woman...she works wonders with faces.


Serena: Youve married and divorced 3 more Klauses? How long was I unconcious for?!


GossipSweety and Kleighs are awesome!!


Haha I LOVE gossip:)girls caption! Braziliangirls are also funny.

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