Gossip Girl Spoilers: Danessa Plus Mojitos Equals ...

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We now pause from your regularly scheduled Serenate and Jenny news for this note on another Gossip Girl couple ready to heat up in 2010.

There was this fun little Q&A tidbit in Michael Ausiello's EW column today:

Q: A little Gossip Girl scoop would make my Christmas wishes come true!

A: Shortly after the show returns in March:

Dan + Vanessa + mojitos = Ay Caramba!


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This should be intresting. I'm kinda liking Vanessa this season, hope she and Dan stay as a couple for a while. They've been best friends forever so< they sould make a good couple, right???


DV is so freaking disgusting. She is a whorebag who has slept with Scott, Nate, Dan and Chuck. Serena may be a whore but atleast she hasn't done all the main male characters. Plus its just the way the she comes off. I mean if they want people to take dv serious how about thier hooking up while SOBER. Clearly doing each other while in a threesome is epic and classy. This is such an obvious distraction for Dan while they do ns. This is not how you write a friends to lover story.


WOW my fucking lucky stars does this mean that the writers have finally decided to get off there lazy ass and fucking read a gg novel. i mean finally we have dan and vanessa and serenate. oh but wait they r gonna screw up with serenate by having whore jenny humphrey with her disgusting blond hair ( serenas blonde is so much more natural) ruin serenate. i guess the writers are too dumb to know that the only thing that can ruin serenate would be blair and vice veresa for nair. wtf r they so stupid. wtf cares anymore and where the hell is chair?? haven't seen one decent love sex scene bw them all season. the writers r fucking whores


I love Dan/Vanessa, especially this season. Vanessa is actually interesting this season and Dan is awesome. Plus anything that keeps the show from going back to Dan/Serena or Vanessa/Nate is good enough for me.




love you CBSN


Danessa doesn't bother me actually
V can hook up with anybody EXCEPT C and N!


Yes! I love Danessa! The only way I can stand either of these two characters is when they are in scenes together. And we all know this will lead up to the inevitable Dan/Vanessa/Rufus love triangle.


NO Danessa please ! It is disgusting!!


Gross... more V? Vanessa and Dan = VD...

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