Gossip Girl Spoilers: Latest on the Love Triangle

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Will Jenny come between Nate and Serena? Will Serena see it coming? Will Nate resist? How will this upcoming love triangle play out on Gossip Girl?

We'll have to wait until next year to find out, but E! Online has the latest on Jenny's plans (as well as some happier Upper East Side wedding news):

Q: Will Jenny get her knight in shining Armani? I've waited so long for Nate and Jenny to happen! Please, please tell me they will be a couple!

A:  According to a source: "Jenny definitely will try to steal Nate away" later this season, after Nate and Serena are more of a solidified couple.

However, in what has been written so far, "Nate is resisting."

That said, it certainly seems as though Jenny has fully embraced the dark side of her Machiavellian ways, because the whole Nate stealing is "going to be pretty underhanded by Jenny. Serena won't really suspect it for a bit."

So let's get this straight: Little J has screwed over her stepbrother/former BFF and now her stepsister too?! Talk about a character 180 from the first season! Do we officially have a new bad girl on the Upper East Side?

Q: Some Gossip Girl news please! Anything big coming up?

A: Dorota is getting married! Pretty sweet, no? And now that two people very close to Blair have gotten hitched lately (first mom, now Dorota), she has to be next right? OK, probably not. But a girl can dream.

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I never liked Jenny, can't they leave Serena alone and happy for once. Her and Nate would look lovely together... I just hope they will not ruin this story line...


ohhhh i hope the hint about blair comes true!! i

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