Gossip Girl Spoilers: Latest on the Love Triangle

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Will Jenny come between Nate and Serena? Will Serena see it coming? Will Nate resist? How will this upcoming love triangle play out on Gossip Girl?

We'll have to wait until next year to find out, but E! Online has the latest on Jenny's plans (as well as some happier Upper East Side wedding news):

Q: Will Jenny get her knight in shining Armani? I've waited so long for Nate and Jenny to happen! Please, please tell me they will be a couple!

A:  According to a source: "Jenny definitely will try to steal Nate away" later this season, after Nate and Serena are more of a solidified couple.

However, in what has been written so far, "Nate is resisting."

That said, it certainly seems as though Jenny has fully embraced the dark side of her Machiavellian ways, because the whole Nate stealing is "going to be pretty underhanded by Jenny. Serena won't really suspect it for a bit."

So let's get this straight: Little J has screwed over her stepbrother/former BFF and now her stepsister too?! Talk about a character 180 from the first season! Do we officially have a new bad girl on the Upper East Side?

Q: Some Gossip Girl news please! Anything big coming up?

A: Dorota is getting married! Pretty sweet, no? And now that two people very close to Blair have gotten hitched lately (first mom, now Dorota), she has to be next right? OK, probably not. But a girl can dream.

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NS all the way!!! Jenny is just an obstacle the writers put in so that NS have the drama needed for GG. Though, I can't help feelng NS were forced this season. Like, Nate proclaims he was in love with Serena at the bar. Where was the epic build up that Chuck and Blair had?! Regardless, Nates always loved Serena. Even Blair couldn't fight that in season 1 so what chance does Jenny have?Also, NS have known each other since forever and share many memories. I hope they last!


Nate/Jenny endgame? Are you fucking kidding me? Nate/Serena all the way. It's been like that from the beginning.


Now I become "CBSN, Jeca, ChelseaFC, Patricia.GG" fan, I enjoyed reading all you comments a lot .. it was brilliant, reasonable and excellent points .. and i feel like 'NS shipper are freaking smart' .. I've been reading all comments but so far i still can't find any jenny shipper made a very good point why jenny is deserve to be with nate more than serena' Most of them are just cursing the words and that's made me feel so good eiei because I knew 'i took the right side' :) BTW, Merry X'mas all


Who would ever want Jenny with Nate ? or even Jenny with anyone -.-
maybe with a douche.
i never like Jenny she's a bitch who doesnt know her place and doesn't respect anyone.


Guys did you see pics!Nate looks like he is stalking jenny again!HA HA this is going to be interesting,


WTF writers. ur ruining ds and nv. get jenny the fuck off the show. i hope serena takes that bitch down for messing with eric. i hope lily kicks that brooklyn bitches ass to the curb. i am only thankful that my one golden couple cb is alive and strong. i can tolerate serenate and danessa for the tome being but only as a minor interference to what should be inevitable in the end. the end couples should be:
chuck/blair fucking get it together writers and fuck jenny who would go for jenny over serena? and do the writers not listen chace has said that he doesn't feel comfortable acting romantically with taylor bc she is too fucking young. stop trying to shove them down our throats bc it happened in the books


im sorry your right you can always count on me", ja ja yeah in this 310 he found the love, sorry but My hoe in Nate as boyfriend is really low, a little wish: he wants to go and be more that he's been in all his relationships. I just watched this s2 ep where after breaking up with Dan all back at school , Dan takes this girl to a bar where everybody are and queen Serena returns.
Don't know how this triangle will develope but, I'd love to see queen Serena go after Jenny in this very secretive way Jenny is going to go after nate, war under the family table, just and idea for next season.


I personally thing that it just wouldn't make sense for Nate to choose Jenny. I know that he and Jenny went out and all in the 2nd season but after all he did the past few episodes for Serena I don't think he would choose Jenny just like that. But, if it comes down to it, it would be nice to see Serena fight for Nate


You girls, CBSN, Jeca and ChelseaFC take the words out of my mind. Of course I could never explain myself with the exquisite words my dear psychology major uses. You made all truly valid points and I can't wait till the episode comes out. I hope you'll still be hanging around here so we ca discuss it! Sad that I couldn't participate in the conversation. I was out doing my last Christmas' shopping! CBSN and ChelseaFC you like Twilight too? Great, I can't wait for Eclipse either. But I agree that New Moon was way overhyped and I honestly didn't like Twilight the Movie. I don't blame people for disliking twilight, the fan girls are crazy. The premiere was wild, I think they were having multiple heart attacks. I was worried someone was going to faint. Definitely like the books a lot more than the movies. Well I wish you all on this site a Happy Holidays from Norway :) Hope you have a great time and get many presents. hahaha.
*hugs to all*


ugh! I'm just so pissed with Jenny but then again, it's great to see Serena fight for someone..I also want to see S roll over J's Brooklyn ass..

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