Gossip Girl Spoilers: Latest on the Love Triangle

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Will Jenny come between Nate and Serena? Will Serena see it coming? Will Nate resist? How will this upcoming love triangle play out on Gossip Girl?

We'll have to wait until next year to find out, but E! Online has the latest on Jenny's plans (as well as some happier Upper East Side wedding news):

Q: Will Jenny get her knight in shining Armani? I've waited so long for Nate and Jenny to happen! Please, please tell me they will be a couple!

A:  According to a source: "Jenny definitely will try to steal Nate away" later this season, after Nate and Serena are more of a solidified couple.

However, in what has been written so far, "Nate is resisting."

That said, it certainly seems as though Jenny has fully embraced the dark side of her Machiavellian ways, because the whole Nate stealing is "going to be pretty underhanded by Jenny. Serena won't really suspect it for a bit."

So let's get this straight: Little J has screwed over her stepbrother/former BFF and now her stepsister too?! Talk about a character 180 from the first season! Do we officially have a new bad girl on the Upper East Side?

Q: Some Gossip Girl news please! Anything big coming up?

A: Dorota is getting married! Pretty sweet, no? And now that two people very close to Blair have gotten hitched lately (first mom, now Dorota), she has to be next right? OK, probably not. But a girl can dream.

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Patricia.GG Says: I think they have the huge possibility to be great because the know each other. Nate knew wild Serena and good Serena, he loved them both. So I believe he will be able to look past all the hot mess that is going on right now and help her in what she needs. I want Serena to ask for Nate's help though. To recognize she needs him by her side to go trough it. I mentioned all this in the discussion we had in the other tread, if I remember correctly. He believes in her and sees what a good person she really is deep down. OMG it's exactly what I think about them together,you steal the words from my mouth :D hope NS end up together!!!


♥Chairenate♥ Says:
December 23rd, 2009 9:51 AM imo Nate loves Serena, and Jenny is just a fly that this bothering Nate!!,its pretty clear with this spoiler!!its too obvious that Nate doesn't love Jenny and never did,and Jenny doesn't love Nate either, she just want him!, for prove that she can have that she wants..c'mon she is so inmature!!
I will love to see Nate&Serena and Chair together!! i just love this 2 couples since the beginning!!! serena Says:
December 23rd, 2009 11:44 AM you know what i want to happen?
A SERENA VS JENNY. it's like the old queen of the whole new york (including hollywood) against a BK girl turned Constance Queen.
I would love to see Serena's dark, bitchy side on a girl-girl fight.
its something ive been wanting to see since season 1!!!
now is the time to let jenny have a taste of who she's messing with! Love your comments! I am totally with you!
S. has to fight for N. and I hope she's going to win this fight! :)
Btw SN belong to each other!


I definitely prefer Jenny and Nate. Jenny will never get him, but the show could use a good twist. Let Jenny get the guy instead of Serena.


To Jeca,Yeh thats where i got confused aswell. But in ep10 i think Serena made him feel shit cos she said that she thought she could count him and then he was like "im sorry your right you can always count on me", somethin like that and well i guess the rest is history lol.


Jeca, the episode with Serena and Nate in the high stakes poker game was "Enough about Eve". Didn't like Nate in that eppy. LOL. @ Chelsea: I read all the Twilight books and so I automatically looked for certain things in the movie. New Moon was o.k. Most people are excited about Eclipse and Breaking Dawn I think. I definitely want to see what they will do with Breaking Dawn. Bella as a vamp should be cool. And let's not forget the Volturi showdown!


Well eclipse comes out in winter for me lol(Autralia). New Moon was pretty good but wayyyyy over hyped, definetly expected more(maybe cos i read the books). I didnt go to the midnight session, i went two weeks after it came out cos like i said i got into gossip girl just a few months ago and didnt really care that much about twilight anymore. what did u think?


"Serena isn't the same girl from Season 1. Naturally, she has some of the same attributes in Season 3 that appealed to Nate in season 1, but she still isn't the same person now."
but Nate is pretty much the same boy, family problems , kinda unstable and undecided, he has change but not much,true he know her and doesn't judge her( he's the same type) but as you said, is not about who she was , who she is and how is evolving.
Just hope for more that the usual couple of ep. Stories so they and us can have some consistency, btw, does anybody remember the ep where uses Serena to play with ... Sorry dont remember the name (the girl's family in 301 and 302) , when she finds out , screw his game and Nate doesn't want to talk to her, where was the love ?


* I hope Eclipse is good. Sorry, typing error.


HAHA lol yeh i know. I want them to get through this Jenny thing aswell and even though im an NS fan, im really excited for this triangle cos seeing serena fight for a guy, is gonna be EXCITING! I cant believe we have to wait 3 months. I was like this for new moon but then i got into gossip girl and when new moon came wasnt even that siked for it lol. I know what you mean. I hope Serena fights for her man! LOL. I do want to see Eclipse this summer. I hope it turns good. What did you think about New Moon? It was so crowded when I went to see the midnight showing. Over three hundred people just at our location.


CBSN says:
I have to confess Chelsea, I can't wait! I really want them to pull through this Jenny thing. And I hope the writer's definition of a "bona fide" couple is more than two episodes. So I guess the only thing we have right now are spoilers. I feel like I'm going through GG withdrawals. LOL. HAHA lol yeh i know. I want them to get through this Jenny thing aswell and even though im an NS fan, im really excited for this triangle cos seeing serena fight for a guy, is gonna be EXCITING! I cant believe we have to wait 3 months. I was like this for new moon but then i got into gossip girl and when new moon came wasnt even that siked for it lol.

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