Gossip Girl Spoilers: Rufus and Lily Tension

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Talk of a new Jenny love triangle, Serenate getting together and Chuck's mom being alive has understandably dominated Gossip Girl spoiler discussions.

But are Rufus and Lily, thought to be one of the show's more stable couples, going to be able to last? Here's what Josh Schwartz had to tell TV Guide ...

"I hope so, but it's Gossip Girl so no one is happy for long," he says, laying out what may be tough odds for the newly-married Mr. and Mrs. Humphrey.

Does this mean Rufus won't take the news of Lily's secret rendezvous with Serena's dad so well? There's a certain trophy wife out there who knows.

Married Couple

Will Rufus and Lily make it through the season?

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fine. give them some trouble but DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT BREAK RUFUS AND LILY. I love this couple so much. I agree with what others said that there should be a stable relationship/couple in the show. It's not going to be any of the kids. It should be Rufus and Lily. So much had happened and I don't think Dan and Serena will get back together. It's way too weird. Cruel Intentions 2.0? Come on. I want to see how Nate and Serena's relationship will turn out.


darena for life, eventually, when this show ends darena will be together as well as chuck and blair


I think lily and rufus are doll


why did Serena go crazy ***


Okay I live in the uk so i'm a bit behind you guys, but WTF does that letter say!? Why is Lily always hiding it and why did Serena went crazy at Lily when she read it? if Lily has cheated on Rufus I will hate her forever.


NO WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!THEY CAN'T DO THIS!i loveeeeeeee them!but i love them when they R not married!!!!;) but pleeeeeeeease!!don't ruin their relationship!they R the only reason that i watch gossip girl!(not only reason!but for 80% it is!)they R so goooood!


poor Lily. she can NEVER marry a guy for a long time. :S


no noooooo, i looove rufus and lily. they are the most adorable old couple haha.


DS FTW. DV and NS will implode as will RL. Bring on NJ and DS S4.


Yeah really dont care about Lily and Rufus. I like them together, but not drama. Just keep them together.

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