Gossip Girl Spoilers: Someone Gets Pregnant?!

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Leighton Meester is a busy girl these days. Not only did she perform at Klutch nightclub in Miami this week, she's working on New Year's Eve, too!

The Gossip Girl star will be ringing in 2010 onstage in Atlantic City. But she's playing coy when it comes to her midnight kiss, according to E! News.

"I'm performing at 12:01," she demurred.

Of course, Leighton fans know that she'll probably be locking lips with one lucky guy: her boyfriend and Gossip Girl guest star, Sebastian Stan.

As for her New Year's resolutions? "I don't make them, because I don't keep them!" she said. "When I was 8, I said I'd make my bed every day."

Gorgeous Leighton Picture

The lovely Leighton Meester.

Oh, and get this. Leighton apparently revealed some Gossip Girl gossip: One character gets pregnant this season, and its not hers (Blair)!

She could be referring to Dorota, we suppose, but we already know she is. Could S or J be getting knocked up? Who do you think it is?

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I think is Lily. xoxo


i think its gonna be little J, shes not so little anymore...


i think it might be lilly who knows?


omg you know what would be great?
if R+L had a fight up then say they are on break (who cares if they are married...Lilly in involved) Serena's dad returns and she has a fling with him and she is pregnant to his baby.
Georgina returns pregnant (or pretending to be) with Dan's child. God I love Georgina (or did...even what she did in the Scott story line wasn't bitch enough for her) she is a crazy bitch.
Someone chuck slept with ages ago who is pregs/has a child to him...this making BC part of main plot again (making me very happy), they fight and have awesome make up sex in the limo. As much as I hope something intresting will happen Im not holding my breath GG is no where near as good as it used to be...I'll scream if its just Dorota/Elenore/Lily(to R) etc. Im so annoyed with awesome plots going to crap people (like they hyped about someone getting married and it was just LR and the threesome which was incredably un-hot because it was Dan/Dreadlock Brooklyn Girl/Suprisingly Chunky Celebrity.

Gossip girl here

I'm going with Serena...and it's going to be Tripps!!! OR Bree and it's going to be Nates!!! Now that's a story!


Either Jenny hooks up with Nate and sleeps with him and then get's knocked up. OR. My gut instinct is that it's Serena, she hooks up with Trip and then sleeps with Nate and doens't know who the father is. That's my bet - It's such an OC - Theresa falls pregnant and doen't know who the father is out of Ryan and Eddie. I hope Scwartz isn't up to his old tricks again. As for me, I was really hoping it would be Blair that would end up Pregnant. It would heat up her story-line.

Marta vdh

NO ONE IS PREGNANT it was leighton's mistake , she was talking about dorota, probably she didn't know that the episode had already aired actually for me it's really dissapointing


well its definatly J because one of the up-coming episodes is called 'the 16 year old virgin' or something like that, and i think it is J's with that guy who she does drugs with. It wont be N, he loves S too much. Oo im so excited now! i love you GG xoxo


The anwser is dorota, this news got it's way to Kristin from e! News, she just wrote , after checking all sources, is dorota, was just a play from L.


Yeah, ok but if leighton said that it was one of the main characters??

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