Gossip Girl Spoilers: Someone Gets Pregnant?!

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Leighton Meester is a busy girl these days. Not only did she perform at Klutch nightclub in Miami this week, she's working on New Year's Eve, too!

The Gossip Girl star will be ringing in 2010 onstage in Atlantic City. But she's playing coy when it comes to her midnight kiss, according to E! News.

"I'm performing at 12:01," she demurred.

Of course, Leighton fans know that she'll probably be locking lips with one lucky guy: her boyfriend and Gossip Girl guest star, Sebastian Stan.

As for her New Year's resolutions? "I don't make them, because I don't keep them!" she said. "When I was 8, I said I'd make my bed every day."

Gorgeous Leighton Picture

The lovely Leighton Meester.

Oh, and get this. Leighton apparently revealed some Gossip Girl gossip: One character gets pregnant this season, and its not hers (Blair)!

She could be referring to Dorota, we suppose, but we already know she is. Could S or J be getting knocked up? Who do you think it is?

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I already saw the episode and it's Dorotha ;]


I seriously think it's Lilly. I wouldn't mind if Blair and chuck have a kid. Hmmmm. Or Dan and Vanessa as a one night stand. Ok, I have no idea. Hahaha.


I think Lily is a good mother she loves serena and eric, It is true he is really arrogant, but she is a good person, S it is a litte bit bad daughther sometimes too, I mean, just like her mother,Serena loves problem and i think that the relationship with her mother is very real, She loves her mother but it is her mother and the relation is hard, just like us, well similar jaja.
So, I hope it is Lily but a baby with Rufus, I DOnot think that Lily had slept with S father this summer, she will give an explanation, but on the other way I really belive that Rufus will sleep with Lilys friend, maybe she get pregnant??


V or Lily by far. If Jenny gets pregnant then it wouldn't be as unsuspecting and cause drama because of her new bad girl rep.


Jenny isn't going anywhere lol even though the way you said it was funny but I love her and think her story is one of the most interesting this season jmo and I seriously doubt the writers would have a guest star knocking her up for a one nighter lol and have the story all over the place lol,but i think it's just dorto or eleanor.


Im pretty sure it's Eleanor or Jenny, mostly because i heard in the books that Blair would have a little half brother, but Jenny would work better being pregnant mostly because she is used more in the show then blair's mom.


I hope its Jenny... But not with NATE or CHUCK for that matter. I hope its an un-important one night stand that she regrets later.
After finding out she's pregnant, she gets de-throwned...
Rufus realising that he's let his daughter get out of control then sends her to a special school for pregnant out of control teens.
And bye-bye Jenny till atleast season 5!


or it could just be Dorota!


They always seem to be really great friends, he could tll her what was bothering him and she could him.


I actually don't think it's any of the mains it's just a trick lol ,but if I had to choose who it probably would be my guess is as good as anyone because i honesty don't know it's hard with this show,but i do know i don't want it to be vanessa because i DSer at heart lol and if serena ever has a child it better be by dan haha,jenny is a possibility it would make for interesting story especially if she loses her v card to nate somehow i always thought these two are always connected in a way that's not just romantic but something more lol its hard to explain but their kinda cute even if i never really was a nate fan lol he is innocent with her theres a sweetness about that relationship so anything goes especially with the gg writers it might not even be anyone but doroto their talking about ,excuse me if i spelled her name wrong.

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