Gossip Girl Spoilers: Someone Gets Pregnant?!

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Leighton Meester is a busy girl these days. Not only did she perform at Klutch nightclub in Miami this week, she's working on New Year's Eve, too!

The Gossip Girl star will be ringing in 2010 onstage in Atlantic City. But she's playing coy when it comes to her midnight kiss, according to E! News.

"I'm performing at 12:01," she demurred.

Of course, Leighton fans know that she'll probably be locking lips with one lucky guy: her boyfriend and Gossip Girl guest star, Sebastian Stan.

As for her New Year's resolutions? "I don't make them, because I don't keep them!" she said. "When I was 8, I said I'd make my bed every day."

Gorgeous Leighton Picture

The lovely Leighton Meester.

Oh, and get this. Leighton apparently revealed some Gossip Girl gossip: One character gets pregnant this season, and its not hers (Blair)!

She could be referring to Dorota, we suppose, but we already know she is. Could S or J be getting knocked up? Who do you think it is?

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Acutally I can imagine Vanessa. I can imagine her going.
Come on Dan. Look I've got my video camera out to record us having a baby how cool will that be for my project, I would so laugh at that if it happened.


Well, it should be a Vufus baby, and Vanessa should run back to Vermont to join a commune and raise her baby in hippie style. XD Cyrus/Eleanor seems like a possibility because the actress actually confirmed that Eleanor would be pregnant...unless she was lying, but she said it very explicitly. Perhaps Lily is pregnant with a van der Woodsen baby, which would be rather OMG and cause the hinted-at Rufly trouble, but she already had the love child SL. But if it's one of the older cast members, maybe it'll end in a miscarriage and bring drama that way. Jenny is inexperienced, so she's the most likely to get knocked up accidentally. Could be Vanessa, though, what with the ay caramba spoiler. Glad it's not Blair because Chair babies are AMAZING but too soon for freshmen..they're already absurdly aged as is. just my two cents ;)


I agree. Hmmm my guess are Jenny or Vanessa.
It could well be Georgina, or Agnes, shes said to be coming back. But still my guesses are Jen Or V.


its probably not Eleanor because she moved to Paris and the show would have already made her pregnant if they were planning to.


Chuck wouldn't run away! Remember in season 1 when he thought B was pregnant he was actually really caring...waited for B at the gate and off his cigarette as soon as B came even though at that time he wasn't sure the baby was his or N...he would make a great dad I'm sure and I'm dying for a Chair baby (twins would be cute too though LOL) but not now as they're still too young! I want them to have the baby at the end of the show after they got married :)


CBSN, I totally agree with you in the sense that Lily wouldn't change overnight if she found out she was pregnant. However, I don't think she's a totally crappy mother. I mean, Eric isn't a poster child, but he's not awful, either. He hasn't done any bad things like his sister has. I think a lot of the shit Serena got herself into has been her own fault. Lily has tried to stop her because it reminds her of herself when she was Serena's age. I think if Lily gets pregnant, she'll be terrified because she won't know if she'll be able to handle another child. But I still think it's her... :-)


i'm disappointed, I want a CHAIR baby hmph~!


Ehhh it'll be one of the adults just to torture us... Like they did with the "someone is getting married story" (Lilly/Rufus) the less omg threesome ever or something like that...I really hope GG keeps as good as the last two eps have been.


Nisha Says:
January 2nd, 2010 2:02 PM I think its jenny ,, because she looses her virginity to damien and this could lead to her getting knocked up , and this could lead to her going to ask nate for help as he is always nice and she starts falling for his soft side and gets into a love triangle .. x That sound like it would happen.


What about eleonor as option?
Didn't she got a baby Yale In the books?
Is too much for the principal characters right now, it would destroy somebody storyline.

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