Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Promos For January 14

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When Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice return from their winter breaks January 14, Shonda Rhimes' shows will do so together in another two-part crossover extravaganza.

The focal point will be Mark's pregnant daughter, Sloane (we're still not over the name), and it looks like her condition has an impact on Mark and Lexie's relationship, too.

Here's a promo for "Blink" and "Another Second Chance" ...

[video url="" title="2010 Crossover Event Promo"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second, longer preview of the two-hour crossover event that will bring the casts of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice together once again ...

[video url="" title="2010 Crossover Event Promo #2"] [/video]

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What if the promo scene they show with Madison (Mark and Addison) is when she first went to LA and she/he is reminiscing about when Mark came to LA to try and get her back one final time. So, in otherwards it's not something that happened in the presence but the past. I just don't buy that suddenly Mark decided to cheat on Lexie with no build up. I mean I know how much history he and Addison have but I'm just not buying he would cheat with her.


Xandi, I meant the relationship of Mark and Lexie and I'm sorry but in comparison to what Meredith, Alex, or Izzie have gone through...yeah, easy. It can be said that Lexie has had it easier than the rest of the residents. Like Alex told her in S4: "I had to start cleaning after my father when I was 7 and you had it until you were 24. Congratulations." Also...what daughter? Mark has a daughter, not Lexie. Jenny, Haha. Funny. My pride is hurt. LOL.


You go Xandi!!! i don´t really understand Anuflas eater,
And why does she always have to *set others opinion right* and leave a numerous of comments?
its everybody´s own opinion, let it be their and don´t manipulate them by always writing them back, when you doesn´t think the same way.
And yeah you can write back all the time you want, you just gonna prove me right:(


Anuflas, Lexie had it too easy?????
Okay, this is easy for you
-her mother dies of hiccups while she is not even there(Yeah i am sure its always easy and nice to get a phone from dad saying: "Honey, your mother is dead"),
-finding out daddy had a family with an another woman before them
-she has a sister, she never knew anything about
-an alcoholic father, who had mistreaten her for a while
-at the beginning, the only family she had, hated her(_Mer_)
-her best friend whom she had a crush on simply forgot her and took her for granted
-said *best friend* died
-37 years old boyfriend, whom she lives with has an 18 years old daughter, whom neither HE or SHE knew about
-said daughter decides to live with them
-said daughter is pregnant
-said daughter is pregnant with a child in critical or life threatening condition.
-And she is a surgeon, which means people trust her with her lives.
Well if this is too easy for you.................


I realllllllllly hope Mark doesn't actually cheat. He's come so far and I don't want to see him ruined like this. And even if he does, how are Addison and him going to be together when they are on two different shows?!


They're just teasing. Even if lets say Addison and Mark do something.. They are both on two completely DIFFERENT shows. They can't crossover every episode.


AMB, She's back for the Jan.21 episode (appropriately titled "I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked") and rumor has it that she goes on her second break after that (which if I did my math right, KH could be back full time around ep.14/15 since ep.13 should have been the last one shot before holiday break).


Of course Mer is hiding something....she hiding the fact that the Chief is a drunk...


Jude I think it is Meredith!


A dream or perhaps a fantasy of Ad's in reuniting with Mark? I wouldn't put that beyond being used as a dramatic device again. But when the 4 SGH staff are walking to the ambulance with the quaterback in it who's the 4th doc? I know Der, Bailey and Callie are in there. The ponytail doc, is that Mer??

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