Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Promos For January 14

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When Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice return from their winter breaks January 14, Shonda Rhimes' shows will do so together in another two-part crossover extravaganza.

The focal point will be Mark's pregnant daughter, Sloane (we're still not over the name), and it looks like her condition has an impact on Mark and Lexie's relationship, too.

Here's a promo for "Blink" and "Another Second Chance" ...

[video url="" title="2010 Crossover Event Promo"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second, longer preview of the two-hour crossover event that will bring the casts of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice together once again ...

[video url="" title="2010 Crossover Event Promo #2"] [/video]

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My point is that this will be only a one night stand because Addie will stay at LA and Mark will return in it's nonsense, absolutely nonsense...


It amazes me how people believe that if Mark cheats, it's automatically alright for Lexie to cheat; Two wrongs don't make a right! Secondly, Mark's daughter and unborn grandchild are in mortal danger, of COURSE they should take priority over poor wittle Lexie and her insecurity issues. If she can't handle that, she should NOT be involved with an older, more established man. Thirdly, when someone cheats, the TRUST IS GONE!! A great majority of couples take an incredible amount of time to gain/earn half of that back, and many people just can't forgive or forget at all. And lastly, Mark called Addison! Not the other way around! Addison took on Sloan's case to save her and the baby, not to screw poor little Lexie Grey over! Addison is a mature woman; flawed but mature, nonetheless. Her and Mark have always had a deep connection; if Mark or Lexie cheat on each other, they obviously don't have a deep bond or understanding of the other person. Plus, Maddison chemistry is REAL, not FORCED like Mexie.


If Mark and Lex will return together at the end this will make stronger, I hope this =)


I think it'll be interesting if SloLex do both seek comfort elsewhere, but I can't see them walking away from what they've got with each other for a while. Will they both confess at the same time and forgive each other? Ad is in LA, so 'out of sight out of mind'. But if everyone has guessed correctly about Lex and Alex, both will constantly be bumping into each other, and they both have significant others so will the guilt be something they can live with?


They are saying this because Alex will have a one night stand with a woman and they think it will be Lexie because she will be destroyed for Mark's cheating and she will drink and sleep with him...but these are speculations, we don't know anything...I really love Mark and Lexie together and I will be sorry if they break up for his one night stand with Addison...


why is everyone saying that lexie cheats too? does she?


It's terrible!!!! Mark is not a cheater anymore, and Addison deserves her own man!! They can't be happy together, they can just have sex all the time, that's it! Addison didn't want to stay with Mark in the past, and she broke him!! Lexie put him back together and he changed because of Lex!! It's a very shame...and if Mark cheats Lexie, I will hope she will sleep with Alex, because Mark deserves it!!


I think Lex will probably be a very unhappy person in ep 11. She is facing the problem of an ex-love of Mark's appearing. Mark's reputation for sleeping around doesn't seem to have phased her, but a woman he lived with and alienated his best life long friend for is a bit different. (I don't think Ad will even cause a ripple for Mer this time) I think Ms Sloan being a permanent resident and the impending baby will have been an unwelcome addition to the living arrangements for Lex. Then Mark phones an ex to sort out those baby problems will mean Lex will see a lot of Ad and Mark together and be aware that they have history. It would seem that Mark doesn't include Lex on the road trip to LA. Surely we will see Lex being a bit put out. I can't imagine that Mark will have a lot of time for her, and Lex will perhaps be a little jealous of these two other women in Mark's life? Lex doesn't have a BFF or even a BF to unburden to. So I can see a trip to Jo's coming up and a possible revisit to a man she fancied and slept with previously. Another GA woman waking up the following morning and realising the consequences, oh dear. Will Lex stray first? Well she will if Mark and Ad get busy in LA surely?


WORD ana114. Things have been so far, so easy for them. Their 'hardest' obstacle as an outed couple is...(blank). MerDer, A/I, O/C, have been through hell and back. Give them something. I was opposed to the cheating initially but I decided to not let it bother and watch the fallout from it, which is my biggest excitement. I think that it's old to go with the Mark is supposed to be changing. Change doesn't happen overnight. Takes A LOT of time. Give it a chance. Happy New Year everyone!!


I'm sad to see Mark and Addison again. I hate them together, hate, hate, hate. Sorry I just don't see why so many of you like Addison. She cheated on Derek with Mark, had a relationship with the man and lied to Derek then she has the cheek to call Mark a man whore and tell him to change his ways and when he agrees to do that she does a 180 and cheats on Mark with Alex. She has done nothing but treat Mark like crap since day one and when he finally gets a girl who respects and loves him he cheats on her with Addison no less. WTF?? I know, Lex cheats too but whatever. Mark is supposed to be growing!!!!

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