Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Promos For January 14

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When Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice return from their winter breaks January 14, Shonda Rhimes' shows will do so together in another two-part crossover extravaganza.

The focal point will be Mark's pregnant daughter, Sloane (we're still not over the name), and it looks like her condition has an impact on Mark and Lexie's relationship, too.

Here's a promo for "Blink" and "Another Second Chance" ...

[video url="" title="2010 Crossover Event Promo"] [/video]

Follow the jump for a second, longer preview of the two-hour crossover event that will bring the casts of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice together once again ...

[video url="" title="2010 Crossover Event Promo #2"] [/video]

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I agree with


All I have to say is:
Who the hell is Cristina Kicking out of her OR?
(Sorry for my english too xD)


EmmaGrace, I understand you, for me the two characters have the same weight" and for you is more important arizona and lexie doesnt mean anything. but as I said, arizona suffered for her brother and lexie for her mother, and I love arizona, but she is so so so perfect, she doesn't look real just like lexie sorry for my english


Is not that I don't like Mark and Lexie, I like them is kind of fitting after all Lexie is Mer's sister and Mark is like Derek's brother, but out of the couples on GA Mark and Lexie have it easy. They slept together then they were hiding it from Derek and when Derek found out it wasn't a big deal. So I think that Mark and Lexie need some trials and tribulations in order for me to believe that they are going make it. If they make it through Mark supposedly sleeping with Addie and Lexie supposedly sleeping with Alex then they are meant to be. All the other couple on GA have it rough before committing to each other, so why should Mark and Lexie be the exception. So I'm for this.


Maybe it is a dream....why else would he be sitting in, what looks like her office....buck naked? When she is fully clothed. It's a's a dream!


I think Addison is daydreaming or something, at the beginning of the promo it looks almost as if he's appearing out of nowhere in a flash.


The crossover looks lame, but if this means Lexie and Mark are breaking up, then I'm all for it. They are so dull, and they don't have any chemistry together. I really just want them to end!


Smoker I dont agree with you at all about "I think arizona and lexie deserve suffer" Arizona has suffered we just havent seen it on the screen. She suffered with Wallace and with her brother I am sure. I could care less about Lexie, shes just there to me.


wow ... mark and addison? we go again, somebody always has to cheat, i hope they are just trying to confuse us with that promo, if not im sorry ( and i love addi) but she have got to stop messing with guys that are NOT available !!!!!!!!

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