Grey's Anatomy Spoilers: A One-Night Stand For Alex

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After taking a five-episode hiatus, Katherine Heigl will return to Grey's Anatomy for the show's January 21 episode. But will her on-screen husband be happy about it?

Izzie's absence has certainly affected Alex (Justin Chambers), who many believe may not be able to forgive his wife for walking out on him, according to TV Guide.

"Alex is just fed up," Chambers says.

"Alex is not built for all of this. He really meant what he said when he committed to her at their wedding and now he just feels it's all rushed too fast and he hasn't really necessarily thought everything through. He has so much emotional baggage anyway."

"Did he really do the right thing?" Justin Chambers wonders.

"Maybe he didn't. Does she really love him or does she love the idea of them? She's got so much to work out on her own, maybe they're not supposed to be together for a while, or ever."

Will they ultimately work through their differences? That remains to be seem, but things are going to get ugly when another woman is introduced.

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According to insiders, a reeling Alex seeks solace at Joe's bar, where his inebriation, as it often does on the medical drama, sends him straight into a one-night stand.

"I was totally thrown off by it," Justin admits. "I think it's great though. It just adds a little spice to the show. The writers are really good at turning corners and taking your head for a little spin. It surprised me as much as it will the audience."

Any guesses as to who Alex's mystery woman is?

As for Heigl splitting time between the big and small screens in real life, Justin is more supportive. "Katherine is a movie star now," he says. "She's got such an exciting career going these days. I'm so happy for her. She's got to be a movie star."

Chambers says he personally has no plans to exit the show, and that given his personal situation, he'll stay at Seattle Grace as long as the producers will have him.

"This show is such a great springboard for all of us," he says. "I plan on having a career after this, but with my situation with my kids, this is the perfect job to have."

Justin and his wife Keisha have five (!) children - five big reasons why he's content working on one, L.A.-based show that doesn't involve too much travel.

"I love coming to work and I love the people I work with. On hiatus, I've taken advantage of a lot of free time with my family. I definitely like my job. I know what it's like to not know where you're going to work next and I don't want to go back to that."

We hope he doesn't have to!

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I want Izzie and Alex to be together! I really dont like what he is doin with that other girl. Does anyone know if they will get back together????


i want izzie and alex back so much, it is not grey's anatomy anaymore without them


one, It depends. To me, Izzie broke her vows. It's the 'in better or worse' part. Things got tough, she left. She abandoned the marriage. That, to me, is breaking the promise they did. Alex is going to break them too and it doesn't make him less liable for anything in this mess, but I can't blame him for his actions. The guy has a huge trouble with commitment and took a leap with Izzie and this happens. The marriage can be over but the relationship not. I still think it's absurd that they got married so fast and for the wrong reasons. I know that the first year is the toughest but even under that case, Izzie's actions are not acceptable.


I have been watching Alex and I feel sorry for him. I believe that he has tried every way to fix his marriage with Izzie, but she is showing that is in no shape of wanting to make things better between them.


I think that it is going to be Reed. She has a crush on Alex and she is always trying to be there for him as a friend. Even Jackson notices that she got something for him.


anuflus Izzie didn't break her vows. Alex did because he slept wit some one else while he was married. Yeah Izzie messed up by walking away but do you see her out there sleeping wit someone else no. So my point is Izzie didn't make Alex sleep with some one but he chose too. I just think this is another obstacle for A/I to go through but i don't think their marriage is over just complex. You know they say the first year of marriage is the hardest so they will have to work thru this in order to have a good marriage.


one, Most likely that she doesn't despise Alex but her anger can turn into an unforgivable form of hate. It's sort of the resentment that Derek had towards Addison. That's what I meant. I thought about the annulment but I don't think that they have valid grounds to annul their marriage. Divorce perhaps but annulment is a tougher process that wouldn't be granted just like that. Legally it's more possible but religion-wise may not be that easy. The only valid reason for A/I to apply for annulment is the non-consummation of marriage, which at this point, not really sure if they did after the SP. Other than that, they have no valid grounds for it so divorce would be the only option which doesn't make me too happy since they wasted a perfect wedding. Alex used to have faith in the marriage until Izzie decided to leave him without notice. She broke her promise to not go crazy. If she had vows, those too. It makes sense the ONS for Alex, what wouldn't make sense is if Izzie holds it against him.


anuflas, I know that izzie doesn't hate alex but right now she is upset with alex. Remember she still thinks that alex went to the chief and told him that she wasn't ready to come back to work. That's why she is mad with him. But if she hated alex so much why not just go ahead and get the marriage anulled. Because she is catholic and anullment would be like they were never married. But she didn't suggest that so that alone proves that she is still in love with him but just angry at the time with alex over something he didn't even do. But my thing is why would alex go out and have a one night stand. It seems to me that he didn't have faith in their marriage at all. Why didn't he go to Chehalis if he knew where izzie was if he loved her as much as he did.


Whoever Alex sleeps with, they will have to deal with his wife who he still loves.


Thank God Ace. Maybe that'll settle the 'debate'. sofi, I've been thinking the same thing but I assume that some of Izzie's belief in marriage can be troubling for her right now. The Catholic Church doesn't recognize divorce. But I really don't understand why is Izzie staying in the marriage if she despises Alex so much right now. This could be a redo of Derek and Addison (but with a different outcome). Interesting. Cheating is wrong in all of the senses and can't be really justified but sometimes, like this case or MerDer's original ONS, I (me) can't blame it.

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