Heroes Review: "The Fifth Stage"

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Nathan Petrelli deserved better.

The character - who had the potential throughout Heroes to be the show's most layered, complex character - was misused for seasons on end. The writers could never decide in what direction to point the politician, as they officially killed him off this week in a death NBC hyped across the Internet in order to boost ratings.

Did it do the job? Were you satisfied with the death of Nathan? You gotta at least give Adrian Pasdar credit for doing the best he could with utterly pathetic, cliche-ridden lines during his final scene, such as:

You can do anything.

Tell mom I love her.

Fight the good fight.

Read our detailed review of the episode "The Fifth Stage" and let us know if you share our disappointment in how the show gave Nathan the axe.

Don't Die!

The installment wasn't all bad, however. We dug Claire's interaction with Samuel at the carnival. This really is a girl that's been seeking acceptance her entire life and it makes sense she'd find it there.

Among the questions on our minds after the episode concluded:

  • Hiro, Ando and Mohinder are now on the run? Where did that come from?
  • We know Heroes is hard up for money, but must it shill so blatantly for Sprint?
  • If Lauren's mind, and feelings were erased, why did she flirt so openly with HRG upon first meeting him again?
  • Samuel said Claire isn't the person he's after. To whom do you think he's referring?
  • What the heck happened to Lydia being pissed at Samuel for killing Jacob? Can this show ever maintain consistent storytelling?
  • HRG is a veteran, secret agent... and keeps his files at home, in a box labeled "Primatech." Really?!?
  • Were you happy to have known about Nathan's death for weeks? Or do you wish it had been a surprise?
  • On a scale of 1-10, how loudly do you groan each time Tracy is on screen?

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Season 4 was going pretty good up until they killed Nathan off. Not understanding why they wouldn't bring him back to life with Claires blood was beyond me(the body that was forzen). It just left a bad taste in my mouth. His character had so much potential, between him being the brother of Peter and in politics. But they keep other characters around that are totally useless and can't contribute anymore to the show. If Hiro was truly a friend and a hero he would save the life of Nathan.


ML house:
Nathan Petrelli deserved better. The character - who had the potential throughout Heroes to be the show's most layered, complex character - was misused for seasons on end. The writers could never decide in what direction to point the politician. You are absolutely right about Nathan being missused. They could of done a lot more with his character. I don't care that he's been brought back from the dead a few times. I would find away to to bring him back to life or rescure him him by traveling back in time. If they did for Charlie! They should do it for him.


They made a big mistake getting rid of Nathan. The only time this show got really good is when him and Peter were together as a Duo. I'm going to miss the both of them as hero duo. They really should of killed off a sidekick of another duo. The duo of Hiro and Ando! I don't get the same vibe from them. Nathans story arc could of continued being in politics. But they thought Ando was worth keeping around more then Nathan! What for a storyline of Ando trying to translate what Hiro is saying to him. Give me a break!


Nathan's death:
Do these writers have any clue on how to use a character. They had the right idea in season 2 with the vision of him being president one day. They could of done so much with him being a politician. I have bunch of ideas on what they could of done with him. People are asking for Claire, Suresh, Ando and Tracy to be killed off and they kill the character with most potential on the show. Add Nathan to the list of characters that had potential and got killed off. Adam, Elle, Arthur, Sam, Bob, Maury and now Nathan. May Hiro go back in time and save them all from Tim Kring and his evil writers.


It's sad to see him go. Peter and Nathan had a great bond.
Especially after the last episode of the first season. When Nathan fly's down and tells Claire the future is not written in stone. And he tells peter, you save the cheerleader and we save the world. Peter say's, I love u Nathan, I love you to peter. And he fly's away with him. I always thought they would of converted him back to being a good guy we all saw in him in season 1. What a shame to end Peter's and Nathan relationship. They worked good together on the show.


um to the guy/girl who reckons emma's gonna redirect an earthquake....do you even know how earthquakes are made? the damage they cause isnt from soundwaves but the actual ground moving. if anything peter (or gretchen?) is gonna get samuels power and fight him that way....but no i dont really see that happening either.


It's not that Samuel is after Claire so much as having her nearby. Samuel's powers become stronger by being in the vicinity of other specials. In particular, Samuel is interested in Sylar, Peter, and Claire because they are the most powerful specials. He is power hungry and having them nearby would amplify his power even more.


Emma is obviously there to be Samuel's weakness. Pretty dumb and obvious. We saw when she played her instrument that she can do things with the soundwaves she sees. She can accumulate the sound waves and redirect them together elsewhere. This is obviously pointing to Samuel creating a massive earthquake/tremor to destroy the world. What do earthquakes do? They make a lot of noise. So the world will need Emma to redirect the earthquake. I can picture it now. Samuel charging up his powers and the earth shaking all the while where Emma is seeing tons of light coming out of the ground everywhere flowing all around her and she has that dumb, in awe look, while Peter is telling her to use her power blah blah blah. While everyone is freaking out over the loud noise and rumbling, Emma is staring in awe at the colors in silence and then uses her power to redirect the tremor elsewhere and save the day.


I didn't know that Nathan was going to finally really actually die before watching the episode. I honestly thought the emotion in that scene was pretty darn good, actually throughout the whole episode - with Claire and Gretchen, too. Finally an episode that I could really feel for the characters rather than all of this set-up stuff. But there is alot of relief knowing Nathan is really gone, because it was getting annoying.


I don't think the scene with Hiro, Mohinder, and Ando was from Fugitives. If I remember correctly, Mohinder was wearing his hospital outfit from that other episode and not the orange jumpsuits from Fugitives. I'm still unclear on why Hiro was wearing them as well. I too like F.D.s justified attack theory. I'm still waiting for a good reason why Emma was introduced because there has to be one right? I like the pied piper theory I came across some time ago. We already saw something like that on her first demonstration (though she could just have been really really good) and it fits in to Samuel's gathering plan. I'm very curious as to how the rest of the season plays out now that Sylar's free and Claire's in the carnival and Peter doesn't have the Nathan/Sylar storyline to distract him.

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