How Would You Fix Heroes?

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Following the episode that bid a final farewell to Nathan Petrelli, Heroes is on hiatus until 2010.

While creator Tim Kring talks a good game about a fifth season pick-up, the ratings speak for themselves: Heroes averages under six million live viewers per week. It's the lowest-rated network drama on television.

We'd like to see it return for a new volume, but only if it makes certain changes.


As readers discuss the show in our Heroes forum, here are the steps we'd take to fix the series and, hopefully, ensure a long run for it...

  • Turn Claire evil. Really evil, truly evil, not like Nathan-in-season-three evil. Claire is young, she's been searching for acceptance her entire life and it would make sense for her to think she's found it at the carnival. Eliminate her constant, boring second-guessing of what she wants and turn Claire Bear loose against her former friends.
  • Kill off Mohinder.
  • Kill off Tracy.
  • No more time-traveling. Ever.
  • Unite Hiro, Parkman, Peter and a returning Elle (we can dream can't we?) against Claire and her villainous carnival. Bam! There's your fifth season. No more hiding, no more whining about acceptance in society. Let these heroes actually use their abilities, pit a good faction against a bad faction - each led by HRG and Samuel, respectively - and turn the show into the action-packed adventure it always should have been.

Agree? Disagree? We have a lot of time to debate possible changes to the show prior to a new episode airing. Send in your suggestions today!

Also, relive the first half of the season by clicking on various images below:

A Cutter
Trio of Heroes
Charlie and Hiro Kiss
Time to Be Hazed
Life for HRG
Hospitalized Hiro
Samuel and Sylar
Tracy Picture
Matt and Baby Matt
Samuel Meets Hiro
Peter in a Fight

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Ok look guys they do not have to end the show in order to fix it they just have to make some changes. 1) Give peter his powers back
2) Make Hiro better and by better i mean no tumor, all of his powers, and let him be able to speak correctly
3) Sylar needs to seriously cut someones head off
4) Introduce a new bad ass villain while he is killing the carnival
5a) Look i know we all liked the idea of the carnival. A big group of people with powers that could attack people and get revenge on the government i get that, but they seem more interested in moving rocks and making grass then fighting. And i dont care if the last episode has them attacking the government or whatever because one great episode will not make up for the rest of the season being filler
5b) Have the new villain have the power of empathy and no not peter petrelli empathy i mean this guy could feel peoples emotions, feelings, etc. But more importantly he could make people feel whatever he wants like just for example he could come to the carnival and makes everyone their feel excruciating pain until they all died i mean wouldn't you watch that? And sylar could come and try and kill this guy, but he would make sylar feel so much pain sylar wouldn't be able to use his abilities other than healing which would keep him alive
6) The villain could also make claire feel pain, but after he does claire stops whining and finally grows up and is grateful for not always being able to feel pain. That's right guys CLAIRE WOULD STOP WHINING!
7) Call the new volume extermination


Hailey is 100% correct! Claire's easy.. You can decapitate her completely, and bury her body in a chained-metal casket,50 ft deep in the ground. keep her head
in a box, for late night chats,bowling and stuff.. Suresh may learn how to turn off abilities(the cure)and
someone may need to use it, and go back in time to stop
the whole power evolution.. Otherwise, this could be a very long ride...
God help us all, can someone say Matrix 2&3


1. KILL CLAIRE- I can't stand her character's whining nor the actor's acting skills. BORING! 2. Give Peter his powers back! 3. Kill Tracy 4. Kill Suresh 5. GET A BETTER STORYLINE that actually makes sense and has action in it again


Kill off Claire(Yes it can be done Adam died and he had the same Power :) ) or Stop showing her so much and have her grow up not all this whining and I cant make up my mind.Also make her evil or make her a good guy trying to help save the world. Show Peter more and have him kicking some bad guy but! Kill off Suresh Kill off Tracy Finish off season four with Peter,Matt,HRG,Hiro,and Ando fighting Samuel and his minions/and or Sylar.


BRING BACK ELLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The fans are the ones supporting the show.To screw the
ratings, would be to screw the fans, The very people they
asked to sit on that couch and watch the show. This is suicide.. Peter was introduced as one thing, and now he's something else.
So I will always consider him incomplete, and look for ways to make him whole again. Surly the person willing to save the world, should
be the one giving empathic mimicry


Why do people want to make this into just another superhero festival? The power of "Heroes" lies with THE characters, not their abilities. Yes, I would like Peter to get his old power back, but I can see why they won't do that. What challenges would there be left if he has a power for everything? I actually think that the series slowly came back on track with 'Fugitives', and 'Redemption' is turning out to be even more interesting. I'd say: "Keep up the good work." And in these days of multimedia I'm wondering when they're finally going to screw the ratings and realize there's more to a show's popularity than people sitting on the couch Monday nights watching the actual airing of the show.


Yeah, they definitely prolonged Sylar's life and I was trying to think who tried to actually kill him in every encounter they had but I don't think there is one person. Matt Parkman? but was there one where he kept him alive? Samson/Claire - Claire is somewhere, back home where she used to live if possible. They copy how Sylar took her powers. Doors shut, it's all dramatic. She got that look on her face like, Oh no! And then Samson comes in and she's all like, wtf? And he uses his sedation and what not and cut open her head, steals her power and they're having a conversation but she's kind of out of it. And he says something like...You know my son told me about this cheerleader who could never die (blah, blah), it must be tiring having to live by everyone else's rules and to be bound by your self righteous morality (blah, blah, blah), fool me once, you know (you know cause Sylar did the same thing to her, so he's mocking her for not being able to stop him), oh yeah, and he takes out her "empathy" part of the brain. He's like "I can fix that." Then as Samson is rambling on and turns away...Claire stabs him in the back of the head and says something like "Yeah, I'm learning everyday". Claire/Noah (adop father) Their meeting will confirm that Claire's head hasn't been screwed on right (lol, get it! {chirp}), anyways, her father sees she's clearly changed and she later kills him or something possibly less dramatic and delivers the awesome one liner; "I'm just protecting my family" (with a sinister grin, also family is a reference to the carnival/heroes). Matt Parkman/wife/baby/Peter - Yeah, Matt Parkman with the help of Peter and his Matt's baby kill Sylar or leaves him alive (cause they seem to like him) but in a state where he can't hurt anyone ever again. Like an insane state and he end up where Mohinder is. Oh and Matt Parkman, wife and baby live together on an island paradise. Am I right? You gotta give him one. Thrown through a window, shot, g/f dies, wife leaves, cheats on him, manipulated, mind is taken over by a crazed serial killer. Let's wrap it up nicely with all that gooshy love and emotion stuff. Mohinder/Hiro/Ando/Insane Patient? - Yeah, so maybe Hiro puts Sylar in the place of somebody else and also takes Mohinder out but there is also that insane guy that they think Mohinder is. Maybe Hiro realizes he's done something stupid and he finds out that that patient kills someone/some people, etc. He teams up with Ando this stress coupled with the fact that he realizes that he'll never get Charlie or she's dead, (I forgot the word I wanted to use, shoot) perpetrates? :-/ his character development of Future Hiro. And his time travel ability has already been limited by the fact that time travel DOES take a toll on his body and mind over time. I thought that was obvious. No? So Ando has to do that recharge thing a lot later in the series because he'll be totally weak and want to go into the future or the past. And it'll be extremely important for reason, idk. Tracy and Noah's work girl - They team up, maybe even his x wife and it'll be great, c'mon, right? But Tracy later dies in a sacrificial death to save some people.


The Hero's were suppose to prevent Sylar
from obtaining Claire's ability, Did they succeed? Angela tricks Sylar into believing that she is his mother and wins his trust by feeding him Bridget Bailey.. What does that make her?? Not so fast...
Hiro Nakamura appears and teleports Sylar and Elle to a nearby beach where Sylar reverts to his murderous ways and kills Elle, setting her body alight the following morning. So what does that make him??? At the least it DOES make these people deliberately responsible for someone else's death..Yet we call these people heroes.. This show makes no sense, and Sylar should be DEAD along time ago.. They could work on introducing the next generation
of hero's to come.. You people suffer from Stockholm syndrome,just look where
devotion got Elle??


I don't have specific ideas, I just want them to bury and not recycle the same conflicts they've been having. Like Sylar discovering himself and switching from bad to good to bad again, or Claire just trying to fit in, or Peter doing the same, or Hiro being a bumbling idiot. I think the addition of "normal" people this season to the cast was smart, I don't think they should necessarily be supplementary.
They can kill of Matt, Hiro, Mohinder, and I wouldn't bat an eye.


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Sylar: You're like me.
Peter: I will never let myself become you.
Sylar: You already are, brother.

[after teleporting to NYC] Yatta! Hello New York!

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