Is Jackson Avery the Son of Richard and Ellis?

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As we reported yesterday, Grey's Anatomy will soon feature a flashback episode, giving us a glimpse into the romance between Chief Webber and Meredith's late mother Ellis Grey.

The series is now casting for younger versions of James Pickens Jr. and Kate Burton.

While the story for this episode is most likely about the roots of Chief's alcoholism, there are also rumored that it may relate to Ellis and Richard's secret love child ... Dr. Avery.

That's right, hot Mercy West doctor Jackson, played by Jesse Williams and introduced earlier in Season Six. Could he be the secret child of the Chief, and Meredith's half-brother?

Some have long wondered if Meredith's daddy issues with Chief were purely psychological or if there was a genetic component to the relationship, but this would be a new wrinkle.

You may also recall that there was a casting note earlier this year for a mixed-race doctor, a rarity for a show known for its "blind" casting system, around the time of the merger.

Why would the racial makeup of the character (who is unnamed, but Jackson would fit the bill) matter unless there were a tie-in that would require him to look a certain way?

Just speculation, of course. What's your take on it?

Jackson Pic

Is Dr. Jackson Avery about to get even more intriguing?

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I super super LOVE dr avery but he shld be with dr Kepner, I mean dey look perfect together pls, don't break my heart already.


Dat wud be cool anoda twist 2 d story!


Huuuuuuuuuuuuuwiiiiiiiii .. issshhhh yoweeeeeee ta tudo bom na anatomia de grey!!\ Gostosooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hot hot hot hot hot .. Dude this all the way from africa hotty!! kanimambo por ser tao gostoso bonito e charmoso!! keep up with the good(looking) work!! ooohh yah , we love your eyes!!


It isn't real. Avery's grandfather is the legend of medicine, the author of the Avery Awards, Dr. Avery.


I think this would be really cool. He's definitely mixed race and could easily have been adopted by Harper Avery's son.


That's not possible unless Ellis is Harper Avery's daughter or Jackson was adopted somewhere in the family tree.. I guess it would be cool though to present that storyline. :)


i dont think that this could be their love child-- in the scene when ellis grey was in the hospital (same time mer had her appendicitis), she and richard were talking about the siblings mer would have if they were all a family.


Am i the only one who notices Avery is white? He's harper avery's grandchild


Well, I'm not sure whether Ellis would have had an abortion. She was totally in love with Richard, but as a surgeon, she was one tough superwoman so she might not have kept it:)


OMG, dispel this rumor already. There is NO way Ellis Grey would've had a love-child with Richard Webber. Give how Ellis was so high-powered in her surgical career, I can't imagine her settling down for a bit to have a child, given how she regretted raising Mer. Also, Ellis, in one of her rants, said that Webber never wanted children, so having a child certainly wasn't in the plans for either one of them. Additionaly, this is Ellis Grey we're talking about. If she had a love-child, would the woman actually bring the baby to term? I don't believe Ellis would hesitate for a second to terminate the pregnancy. Famous or otherwise, Ellis always put the scalpel before anything else. No, having a child will break contiunity of the show, because let's face it, it would have come up when Ellis became lucid.


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